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Sharing our love for authors, and the stories they are inspired to tell.

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My Husband’s Lover
by Jess Ryder

MY HUSBAND’S LOVER As my girlfriends and I sip wine and share secrets in the flickering candlelight of our remote Scottish hideaway, we all agree we need this break. Every morning we will swim in icy cold lochs and hike to remote beaches and...


God’s Country
by Kerry Hadley-Pryce

GOD’S COUNTRY Kerry Hadley-Pryce has become synonymous with menacing fiction from the Black Country. In this delicious tale a funeral provides the impetus for a claustrophobic narrative packed with threat and paranoia. Guy Flood returns to the...

Her First Child
by Sheryl Browne

HER FIRST CHILD New mother Eve is overwhelmed with love for her baby son, Kai. As she swaddles him in a fluffy white blanket, she shudders at a memory of her own childhood. She hasn’t seen her heartless mother Lydia in years, and she hasn’t told a...