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Children’s Laureate 2011


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Whilst I personally, have no children, it is always good to find authors who are passionate about children being offered the best opportunities possible, to explore and increase their interest in literature and the written word.

The Children’s Laureat, is the public face of this ongoing campaign and initiative, and the author chosen to take on the mantle of this prestigious post in 2011, I am sure is going to be eminently suitable for the position and a great champion for the cause of children’s literacy.

Julia Donaldson, is probably best known for her book ‘The Gruffalo‘, voted most favourite children’s book of 2010. But that is only just scratching the surface of this remarkable person, who works tirelessly in all areas of children’s arts, drama, music and reading, in an effort to encourage children of all abilities, to enjoy reading and to grow in confidence.

Julia, is also the patron of a charity called Artlink Central which puts artists, musicians and storytellers into schools, hospitals, prisons and community spaces to work with children and adults and help them develop their talent and creativity.

Julia’s website reflects her love of children in all aspects of the arts and literature. It is written and presented in such a fun, colourful and bold way, that it can be easily understood and interpreted by the young and aspiring readers and performers who visit.

Julia has already made her voice heard, in her condemnation of the government’s planned library closures. In a straight talking interview with Anita Singh, from The Telegraph, on June 8th 2011, her first full day in the role of Children’s Laureate, the headline: ‘Ditch the Internet And Visit Your Library Instead‘, sets the tone for the article.

“For children, it is vital they can visit libraries and speak to expert librarians who can help them discover their taste in books. I think it’s rubbish when children do their homework on the internet. Half the time they just print out a whole lot of bumph they don’t understand. Doing their own research is much better than churning out stuff from the internet.”

The role of Children’s Laureate, is awarded once every two years, to a writer or illustrator of children’s books, to celebrate outstanding achievement in their field.

The role of Children’s Laureate covers the UK and was first created in 1999. The nominations for the position are considered by a panel of judges selected from all aspects of the literary world, with the panel being changed every two years, when the position is up for re-election.

The position is awarded with an attached bursary of £15,000.


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