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Sharing our love for authors, and the stories they are inspired to tell.

Meet The Authors

This is where I get the chance to ask some of my featured authors to respond to a few of the questions which are not answered in their official biography pages. The aim is to keep the tone of the discussion light and open and I am always open to changes to the questions, or the direction of the conversation … after all, it is meant to be fun!

Tea and book on a table in the garden

Geraldine Solon

Geraldine Solon, is an established, successful and well-respected author in the world of women’s fiction writing, although her books do come liberally sprinkled with romance and a deep insight into the enduring power of love. I’ve always been...

Tea and book on a table in the garden

R.P. (Rebecca) Dahlke

Rebecca Dahlke, is an established and successful author in the mystery genre, although her books come liberally spiced with humour and a small side of romance. I have now read and published my thoughts about three of her books, including two from...

Tea and book on a table in the garden

Grace Mattioli

  I was first contacted a little while ago, by newly published author Grace Mattioli, asking whether I would like to read and review her debut contemporary fiction novel, ‘Olive Branches Don’t Grow On Trees’. I have...


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