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New Authors

A place to highlight some of the new and emerging talented authors in the fiction space.


2016 NetGalley Challenge Professional Reader Goodreads

#99p! Love the thought of a French adventure? 🥀 #SummerinProvence 🥀 Fern is off to #Provence, her husband is heading for Australia. Will it be a year to remember, or a year they will regret? #love #family https://bit.ly/2RzkbGS https://bit.ly/2upgSJM

#TeaserTuesday #TeaserExtract #TheThiefOnTheWingedHorse #KateMascarenhas #WeeklyMeme
Sharing a 'teaser' extract from this lovely book:
'The Thief On The Winged Horse' by Kate Mascarenhas
@LadyAmbrosia @KateMascarenhas

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