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Sharing our love for authors, and the stories they are inspired to tell.


This is where I share my thoughts about the books I have read. All views will be my own and I shall always seek to highlight the positive aspects of the work, as befits the integrity of the author. Any books which have been received as complimentary copies, will always be recognised as such. I receive no monetary gain for any posts which contain mention of these books.

The Guest House By The Sea
by Faith Hogan

THE GUEST HOUSE BY THE SEA People come to the guest house for fresh air and views across the Atlantic. But if they’re lucky, they might just leave with the second chance they didn’t know they needed… Esme has run the guest house...

My Husband’s Lover
by Jess Ryder

MY HUSBAND’S LOVER As my girlfriends and I sip wine and share secrets in the flickering candlelight of our remote Scottish hideaway, we all agree we need this break. Every morning we will swim in icy cold lochs and hike to remote beaches and...

The Enemy Of Love
by Annabelle Thorpe

THE ENEMY OF LOVE An atmospheric new novel from Annabelle Thorpe, set in wartime Italy and following the fortunes of an Italian family under Mussolini’s rule. 1943, Wartime Italy Trattoria di Luca sits at the heart of the small Umbrian town of...