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DCI Banks Will Be Back On Our Television Screens In 2012


It’s back … For those of you who have been searching the television listings for the last few months, this is just to let you know that the first episode of a 6 part series, starts this Wednesday 10th October 2012, from 9pm-10pm on ITV.

The first 2 episodes will be entitled ‘Strange Affair’ and is based on the Peter Robinson book of the same name (see below).

You can check out more details directly from the ITV press site, by clicking here.


Great news for any followers of crime writer Peter Robinson … It has just been announced that following the successful adaptation and broadcasting on television, of four books featuring Peter’s character DCI Alan Banks, the television company ITV has just commissioned another three books to be adapted for broadcasting in 2012.


The books to be adapted this time around are :



Available From Amazon

When a well-dressed couple, claiming to be social workers, appear at Brenda Scupham’s door, saying they must take her seven-year-old daughter, Gemma, into care after allegations of abuse, Brenda is confused and intimidated enough to hand the child over.

But when the couple, Mr Brown and Miss Peterson, fail to bring Gemma home, Brenda realizes she has made a terrible mistake.

As the days go by, Detective Chief Inspector Banks begins to lose hope of finding Gemma alive. Then a rambler finds a body in the ruins of an old lead mine, and the two cases begin to converge in a terrifying way, leading Banks to a showdown with one of the most chillingly evil criminals he has ever come up against. Nominated for an Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America.



(Released in the US and Canada as ‘Final Account’)


Available From Amazon

One May evening, two masked gunmen tie up Alison Rothwell and her mother, take Keith Rothwell, a local accountant, to the garage of his isolated Yorkshire Dales farmhouse, and blow his head off with a shotgun.

Why? This is the question Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks has to ask as he sifts through Rothwell’s life. Rothwell was generally known in the area as a mild-mannered, dull sort of person, but even a cursory investigation raises more questions than answers. When Banks’s old sparring partner, DS Richard “Dirty Dick” Burgess, turns up from the Yard, the case takes yet another unexpected twist, and Banks finds himself racing against time as the killers seem to be dogging his footsteps. Only after he pits his job against his sense of justice does he discover the truth. And the truth leads him to one of the most difficult decisions of his career.

My thoughts about ‘Dry Bones That Dream’ can be read by clicking here




Available From Amazon

When Alan Banks receives a disturbing message from his brother, Roy, he abandons the peaceful Yorkshire Dales for the bright lights of London, to seek him out. But Roy seems to have vanished into thin air.

Meanwhile, DI Annie Cabbot is called to a quiet stretch of road just outside Eastvale, where a young woman has been found dead in her car. In the victim’s pocket, scribbled on a slip of paper, police discover Banks’ name and address.

Living in Roy’s empty South Kensington house, Banks finds himself digging into the life of the brother he never really knew, nor even liked. And as he begins to uncover a few troubling surprises, the two cases become sinisterly entwined . . .


My thoughts about ‘Strange Affair’ can be read by clicking here.


As you can no doubt tell, I am something of a Peter Robinson fan, so although we still have no firm air dates as yet, or news regarding foreign sales, either for broadcast or on DVD …. keep watching this space for more details soon …


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    • Hi Kathy,

      Nice to hear from you, hope you are well?

      I have spent quite some time searching the internet and can find loads of places where your mom can watch the first series of shows on-line, if she has a computer. I am not able to find any US television station which has any mention of them however, although that doesn’t mean that there isn’t one, but I just can’t find it, so sorry.

      I am amazed at the choice and volume of British shows airing in the US and, as you observe, the mysteries and detective stories seem to have real universal popularity.

      If I can find out any more information, I will let you know, unless of course anyone else out there in ‘blogland’ can help out?

    • Hi Zereena,

      I have searched every media website I know of and I can’t find out anything about the return of the series at all.

      If anyone else out there has some ‘inside information’ they would like to share, it would be very much appreciated!

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, Zereena, but thanks for stopping by

    • Hi Zereena,

      Yes, ‘Digital Spy’ is the site I use all the time, to keep abreast of the latest developments in all my favourite shows.

      I did search this page and all the links, but although it keeps mentioning the return of ‘DCI Banks’ in 2012, there is never talk of exactly when it will be.

      I do hope that the series has not fallen foul of budget cuts, that would be a real shame.

      If I get any more info. I will update this post.

  • Thanks Yvonne. I was looking on Wikipedia and they said it should start on the 16th August and I had a look through the TV guide and there was nothing listed so I thought there must be an error there or something.

    • Hi Sharon,

      All the reports are old ones and they do indeed keep mentioning September and October, but I still can’t find anything to confirm this and when the TV channel has been advertising its new seasons programmes, this series hasn’t been mentioned at all.

      It is very puzzling, I do hope there isn’t something that they haven’t told us!

      Thanks for taking part in the conversation and if you do hear anything else, be sure to dop by and let us all know, won’t you?

Written by Yvonne