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Getting Started In Crime


  “Hooked on reading crime? Ever wanted to write in this hugely popular genre? Want to find out if it’s really for you?

This is a great place to answer some, if not all, of  those questions.

Local, best selling crime author, Tim Weaver, will be holding a workshop, where he will reveal how he got started, give tips, answer questions and introduce exercises designed to help the budding author in you create atmosphere, introduce a strong lead character and develop a compelling plot.”


The workshop will be hosted on Wednesday, 9th November 2011, from 6.30pm – 8.30pm, by:

Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights

14/15 John Street, Bath, BA1  2JL


The event is being organised by Alexandra Wilson and Jude Higgins, who are collectively ‘Writing Events  Bath’. Tickets for the event are £26 each and payment details can be found on the site, by clicking on the link above.


‘Writing Events Bath’ are a member organisation of the cfba ‘Cultural Forum For The Bath Area’

Established in 2008, the Cultural Forum is an independent coalition of cultural and sports organisations – all producing events, festivals and cultural activities or running venues in and around the Bath and North East Somerset area – who have agreed to work with one another for mutual benefit and the benefit of the area overall.


About Tim Weaver

Tim Weaver was born in 1977. At eighteen, he left school and started working in magazine journalism, and has since gone on to develop a successful career writing about films, TV, sport, games and technology. He considers himself lucky to have written about the things he loves for both some of the biggest magazine brands and some of the smallest specialist publications in the world.

Apart from film and sport, his love of books has helped to shape his life, although he admits to being a relatively late convert to crime and thriller writing.

Some of the most well known and biggest names in the genre have influenced Tim’s career; Stephen King, John Connolly, Michael Connelly and Lee Child, being amongst his own top ten, so he is in pretty good company.

Chasing the Dead was his first novel, which he admits probably took about ten years from conception to publication. The sequel book The Dead Tracks certainly came along much more quickly, in fact it was already started before ‘Chasing The Dead’ was even finished. Book three is on the editor’s desk as we speak, with book four on the drawing board.

He is married with a young daughter and lives near Bath UK, which is great, because this fan of crime fiction doesn’t live a million miles away from Bath (well 12 miles to be exact), so I am also promoting a local author which is fantastic.


Written by

I can’t remember a time, even as a child, when I haven’t been passionate about books and reading.
I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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    • Hi Nikki,

      ‘Writing Events Bath’ manage to organise some pretty good events on the whole and from what I can gather, they are pretty well attended.

      I probably won’t be going along to this session, as it is more geared to the aspiring crime authors out there. I am keeping an eye out for any future ‘meet the author’ sessions that Tim may have coming up in the local area, as that would be a definite date for the diary.

      I really must make the effort to go along to ‘Mr B’s Emporium Of Reading Delights’ It’s right in the Bath City centre and has received some great reviews for its customer service and book choice. They also do a couple of great gift options where you can get a personal book advisor, combined with afternoon tea, and book vouchers. Sounds like my kind of shopping, perhaps I could get it as a gift for myself? …

      • Mr B’s Emporium Of Reading Delights sounds wonderful! Mum & I are hoping to go to Bath for a few days on our “mother & daughter” trip next summer. I shall have to add that onto my places to visit!

        • Hi Nikki,

          It sounds like a pleasant place to while away a couple of hours doesn’t it? and somewhere to relax and rest those aching feet, after you have seen the great sights of Bath.

          Bath is only a few miles from where I live, in Frome, so I go there fairly often. I love the fact that, being so compact, you can see most of the important sights on foot, although the open top bus tours are a fantastic way to get a ‘potted, birds-eye’ view of the important history.

          The Cities of Wells and Salisbury are also right on my doorstep, so I have no shortage of lovely places to explore, although I don’t spend nearly enough time doing so.

          • I definitely want to get to Bath. I’ve only heard good thigns about the place… and I know I can tap you for info on the best places to visit!

            This year Mum & I went to Edinburgh for our trip and the two years before that we went to York. So Bath is definitely next on the agenda. We usually go by train though (I don’t like driving in cities, being a village girl!), so doubt we’ll venture our of Bath.

            • Hi Nikki,

              That’s the great thing about Bath, it is quite a compact City and you can see anything of importance whilst strolling around.

              As I mentioned, the open top guided bus tour, is actually quite good value for money and you get to see things from a different perspective.

              We went to York, but many years ago now, and thought that to be a fascinating place. Chester is another City that is very similar, in fact I almost enjoyed that more than York.

              Edinburgh we visited only very briefly, but then we have never really explored much of Scotland other than ‘The Trossachs’ and both of us would love to return one day, to explore more thoroughly.

              There are so many lovely places in this country to explore and the old saying about not visiting places that are on your own doorstep is certainly true, although with our shrinking world it would be a shame not to have seen some of it.

Written by Yvonne