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Layton Green Hosts An Author Event With A Difference …


To celebrate the launch, on August 27th 2011, of ‘Dominic Grey’s’ second great adventure ‘The Egyptian’, author Layton Green is making available the download for this and ‘Dominic’s’ debut outing ‘The Summoner’, at a fantastic bargain price!!

Both downloads will be available, for two days only, on 27th and 28th August 2011, at the great price of just $.99 each on www.amazon.com.

The same offer will be available on www.amazon.co.uk, at the same low price, depending on exchange rates at the time of launch (typically, approximatey £.70).

Layton specialises in writing fantastic cult thrillers, with ‘The Summoner’ sending the character of Dominic Grey on his first mission into the heart of the Juju cult of South Africa, where he comes face to face with the N’anga, against whom he must pit all his wits and strength to survive.

His next mission finds him deep in the heart of  ‘The City Of The Dead’, Egypt, where in ‘The Egyptian‘, he is faced with a battle against eternal life, with the sacred myth of  ‘Nu’ his unseen adversary.

The third ‘Dominic Grey’ adventure is already on the drawing board and I can’t wait to see where our latest cult hero is being sent for his next mission….




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