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‘All The Days Of Our Lives’ by Annie Murray


 “‘Mom, Mom!’ Robbie threw himself, sobbing, against his mother’s legs. ‘Wanna come with you!’

‘Oh, Robbie.’ Em in the middle of buttoning up her cardigan, bent over, upset and exasperated.

Her son’s head was clamped to her thighs and she stroked his hair, hating to see him cry.

‘Don’t do this babby. Come on, let go now. Mommy’s got to go out for a bit, that’s all.'”

I now need to know why the little boy is so upset at the prospect of his mother going out without him, and why does his mother seem so upset about this particular parting?

It seems that having her son in tears is not a regular occurrence when she leaves the house, so is she going somewhere that she doesn’t particularly want to go this time?

This book was a ‘kindle share’ with my mother-in-law and although it is set in Birmingham UK, in and around the time of the Second World War, it is not a book that concentrates too much on the war itself, but is more a book about relationships and friendships, at least that is how it seems to be shaping up, after just the few short pages that I have so far read.

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  • Awww. My kids have done that to me before and I can say from experience that it’s both exasperating and heartbreaking. This book is tugging at my heartstrings already!

    Thanks for participating in Book Beginnings!

    • Hi Katy,

      I have never had any kids of my own, but I can well remember my youngest niece doing something similar when I dropped her off at school one day. She would have only been about 4 at the time, but when she realised that that particular ploy wasn’t going to work, she resorted to threatening me with the authorities for cruelty in making her go to school when she didn’t want to!!

      She is now a pefectly well adjusted and well educated 20 year old by the way and I have never been to prison for cruelty!!

    • Hi Laurel-Rain,

      We do get to find out the mothers mission quite early on in the story and it was certainly nothing I could have imagined, but we have now moved on to another chapter told by one of the mothers friends.

      The story is all about friendships and relationships, so I guess that all the individual stories will come together at some point.

      My kind of book and I shan’t be in a rush to finish it.

    • Where she is going, is in fact revealed quite early on in the book and it isn’t anywhere very pleasant!!

      I am only a short way into the story, but the different emotions that are being brought into play, and relationships that are being formed and rekindled, bode well for the remainder of the saga.

  • Hi Yvonne,

    My 13 month old has been doing this to me all morning!

    However, fortunately, I’m not off to somewhere unpleasant…This book sounds really good but also as though it may turn out to be quite sad.

    • Hi Elspeth,

      According to kindle, I am 30% of the way through the book and I have to say that so far there is little to be cheerful about, so a sad ending may well be on the cards.

      I can’t imagine having to live to the rules and regulations of the three young women in the story, but I guess that was just how life was back in the 1940s, we don’t perhaps appreciate just how much freedom we have today and how liberal views are to subjects that were once taboo.

      It must be quite frustrating when little ones cling to you like that, especially when they are not old enough to tell you what is wrong, leaving you guessing and very frustrated and upset.

      Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Written by Yvonne