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‘Night Shield’ by Nora Roberts


‘To Tough Guys With Soft Hearts’

‘He didn’t like cops.

His attitude had deep roots, and stemmed from spending his formative years dodging them, out-running them – usually – or being hassled by them when his feet weren’t fast enough.

He’d picked his share of pockets by the time he’d turned twelve and knew the best, and most lucrative channels for turning a hot watch into cold cash.

He’d learned back then that knowing what time it was couldn’t buy happiness, but the twenty bucks the watch brought in paid for a nice slice of the happiness pie …’

What had happened to make him hate the police by the time he was 12?

Had he been abandoned on the streets to fend for himself?

Interesting first few lines, really makes me want to know more, I have been sucked in already like it or not!

As always, clicking on the book image will take you through to Amazon.co.uk, where you will be able to view the full synopsis for the book (that way spoilers will only be revealed if you want them to be!).

This is probably not a book that I would choose to purchase, but came as part of a job-lot that I acquired when I owned my small, on-line book selling business.

To be fair, I have never read any of Nora Roberts work, although I know many people who follow her avidly, so I really need to get to know the author for myself before I make sweeping generalities about her writing style.

I also needed to find a quick and easy read, for a stressful day, spent in a place where I really did not want to be!!!

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