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‘The Summoner’ by Layton Green


December 9, 2009

The only thing Dominic Grey knew for certain about the disappearance of  William Addison was that it was the strangest case to which he had ever been assigned. The facts were few. Three nights ago, Addison, retired head of Consular Affairs at the United States Embassy in Zimbabwe, attended a religious ceremony on the outskirts of Harare. What religion the ceremony belonged to remained unclear. Harris Powell, Deputy Director of Diplomatic Security and the man now walking beside Grey, had described it as “one of those African ones.”

According to Addison’s girlfriend, a Zimbabwean nurse thirty years his junior, Addison was drawn into the center of a ring of worshippers. The girlfriend didn’t know what happened inside the circle. She tried to follow, but couldn’t press through the crowd. What she did know is that he never came out…

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Knowing that I was hugely intrigued by the synopsis, I quickly cleared the decks of my current reads and settled down with ‘The Summoner’. I am only up to page 24, but I am definitely hooked on this one. The drama, intrigue, mystery and underlying potential for death and violence, is almost palpable. I love the intensity and style of the writing, and the characters have already taken on lives of their own. A real page-turner …

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Update 17th May 2011

Having read this book, my thoughts about it, are available by clicking here:

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    • Hello Eva,

      Thanks for stopping by today, it’s always great to ‘meet’ new people.

      I couldn’t believe how inexpensive this book was to buy. It has had nothing but 4 and 5 star reviews, from what I can see.

      It is certainly keeping me glued to the screen and wanting to know what happens next and I love the style of Layton’s writing as well.

      A change from the normal crime/thriller I generally read and one which I am enjoying.

    • Hi Laurel-Rain,

      This is certainly set to be a book of tensions, from the very first to the very last page, I should think.

      There is no doubt that the first lines of this one, get you hooked and needing to know more, but not really wanting to know because you have a good idea where it’s all heading…and it’s not a good place!!

    • Hi Gautami,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, it is appreciated.

      I thought that these particular first lines, were exceptionally good at drawing in the reader and not letting you go.

      It’s only getting better the more I read, a pity I don’t get time to read more, as I really need to know how it ends!!!

    • Hi Nikki-ann,

      It’s definitely a book you need to concentrate on, as some of the descriptions about the religions and cults are quite complicated and I don’t want to skim over anything, because it is all so interesting.

      It is full of action right from the start, definitely no boredom factor here!!

      For a first novel, so far it’s excellent.

  • This is a very interesting beginning. I have not read many books set in Zimbabwe, though one of my professors in college spent some time there through Peace Corps. And with all of the unrest going on there right now, it’s a place I am interested in.

    Thanks for participating in Book Beginnings!

  • Hi Katy,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, it is much appreciated.

    Like you, I have an interest in recent evets taking place in Zimbabwe. This book certainly poses some tough questions about life in this brutal country, that seems so full of fear and despair.

    It is unfortunate that in everyday life, what is so important in the news one day, is so quickly usurped by a more recent event and therefore forgotten by many. For the people living with such brutality and menace, the threat doesn’t go away, just because the reporters and the cameras do!!

    • Hi Cath,

      You really will need a strong stomach to read this one, at least that’s what I have decided, having now reached page 92 of 226.

      It is also becoming a troubling thought that these religious cults may still exist, not only in African countries, but further afield.

      The Juju practices are, to many of us, barbaric and heinous, but particularly in the troubled and disparate country of Zimbabwe, offer an alternative to an oppressed and beaten people.

      • After reading The Surgeon I’m rapidly developing a strong stomach. LOL. But yes, I know what you mean so I’ll wait for your full review and think carefully about whether to read it. Thanks for the warning.

        • Hi Cath,

          I guess if you likened the book to an early Stephen King, Dean Koontz or Richard Laymon, you may be on the right track.

          I think it is only made worse by the thought that this may really be going on in places not so far away …

Written by Yvonne