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‘My Sister’s Voice’ by Mary Carter

“It was here, in the city of  Brotherly Love, at twenty-eight years of age, that Lucy Gears first discovered she had a sister.

An identical twin. Of course it wasn’t true. A joke, a hoax a prank. As if.

It was completely ridiculous, and although she of all people appreciated a good Gotcha! she didn’t have time for games today. She had to buy an anniversary gift for her boyfriend, Alan, then race off to paint a chubby Chihuahua and its anorexic owner. An identical twin. Funny, ha-ha.”

They say that the first lines of a piece of writing, are always the most difficult to set down on paper. It seems to me, that they may also be the most definitive, as I find they often set the scene in my mind, even before I have turned the first page… and it is quite disappointing if they don’t…

I wonder just why Lacey is so sure that she doesn’t have a twin sister?

How has she found out about this sister, that has immediately forced her to dimiss it out of hand, as a hoax or a joke?

There is nothing for it, but to read on and find out!!

To avoid too many spoilers, I have not included a full synopsis with this post, but if like me, you can’t wait to read the book to find out additional details about the story, please click on the image.

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You can then leave a link to your own book beginnings post, or just browse for some great reads, there are always plenty of new authors and titles to be found.

Don’t forget that Katy and all the other contributors to this meme love to hear from you, so why not leave a comment or two at the same time.

This book was a ‘Kindle share’ purchase by my mother-in-law, just one of the forty odd books that I have discovered in my ‘Kindle archive’, enough reading to keep me going for a while then!!!!

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I can’t remember a time, even as a child, when I haven’t been passionate about books and reading.
I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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    • Hi Squirrel Queen,

      Thanks for stopping by today, it is good to talk with you.

      I got the impression that Lacey has assumed that the whole thing is a joke, without giving it any real thought, so I guess she knows more than one person who would do this kind of thing.

      Reading past those first few lines and pages, the true nature of the incident is beginning to become clear and Lacey’s character reveals itself to be quite a troubled one

    • Hi Bonnie,

      Thanks so much for stopping by, your comments are appreciated.

      This sounds as though it is going to be a great story, although it seems to have received some mixed reviews, as apparently the ending is very weak.

      The first few pages are looking promising so far, although I was always under the impression that twins knew each others thoughts and feelings, even when they were separated, so I am trying to work out why Lacey has never thought that she has something missing in her life.

      I wonder whether having twins is easier or more difficult that having children with an age difference? I imagine that they tend to feed off one another and could almost become a self sufficient unit from quite an early age.

      I hope that you have a lovely weekend

    • Hi Laurel-Rain,

      Good to speak with you again and thanks for commenting.

      From the small amount I have read so far, there doesn’t seem to have been any of the emotions or feelings of something missing from Lacey’s life, although I have to admit that she is becoming a tough character to get to know.

      She is coming across as quite a selfish person, although I am wondering just how much of that is meant and how much is just an elaborate front she puts on …

      Have a fantastic weekend, won’t you

    • Hi Juli,

      Thanks for visiting the site and for taking part in the discussion, I appreciate every comment I receive.

      Those first few lines are so important in setting the scene for the whole story, that they really need to ‘talk’ to me. They either need to be very descriptive, or to have a sense of intrigue and mystery.

      As you say, it must be quite unnerving for the author, who is trying not to divulge too much in the way of ‘spoilers’, yet needs to give the reader a real feel for the characters and storyline to keep their attention.

      Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Jo,

      It is certainly quite an intense and emotional read so far, although given the nature of the storyline, that probably isn’t too much of a surprise.

      The story is quite different from anything else I have read and seems to be a ‘one-off’, in the repertoire of the author, whose books cover a wide variety of storylines, all completely diverse in their nature.

      At the moment, this is definitely an author that I would like to read more of.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts about this unusual story.

      Have a great weekend.


  • Sounds like a good start to the book… I hope you’re enjoying it!

    Just the other day, I was reminded of a book I read last year… The publisher tweeted the first line from the book and imediately I knew which book it was from!

    • Hi Nikki,

      Hope that you are having a good week, thanks for stopping by.

      I am almost half way through the book now and I am enjoying both the intensity of the storyline and the great atmospheric tension, created by some excellent characterisation.

      Your example just goes to prove my point exactly. The first few lines of a book should be strong and descriptive enough to set the scene for the rest of the story and make it memorable.

      Thank you for leaving some pertinent comments and observations.

  • Great first lines! I think I would have the same reaction as the character if someone unexpectedly told me that I had a twin. What an interesting read this must be!

    Thank you for participating in Book Beginnings!

    • Hi Katy,

      Thanks for stopping by and for hosting this popular meme.

      I had already included a category titled ‘First Lines’, before I came across the meme, so it fits in really well, as it is always good to share my latest finds.

      I really do think that the first few lines of a book can either make or break the entire atmosphere and empathy by which the author should be engaging the reader with the story.

      I guess that my initial reaction would be quite similar if I were to discover that I had a twin, even more so given the strange circumstances under which they appear to have been separated in this amazing story. The more I read, the more sinister it is all becoming and I don’t think that I have got to the best part yet!!

      It is also giving me quite an interesting view into the world of the Deaf, pretty much demonising and destroying some of the out-dated myths surrounding the Deaf persons outlook and approach to life.

      An interesting and moving story.

Written by Yvonne