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First Lines ….. ‘South Of Hell’ by P.J. Parrish

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Chapter One

‘It was just south of Hell. But if you missed the road leading in, you ended up down in Bliss. And then there was nothing to do but go back to Hell and start over again…’

Last Line

‘She was four hours ahead of him, but if he drove fast, he’d be there before dark.’


They say that the first lines of a piece of writing, are always the most difficult to set down on paper. It seems to me, that they may also be the most definitive, as I find they often set the scene in my mind, even before I have turned the first page.

I just love the first line or two from this book, they conjure up all kinds of images ….. Having researched and established that ‘Hell’ and ‘Bliss’, really do exist as small townships in Michigan (pretty much like a Hamlet over here in UK, although not quite big enough for a Village), the lines become somehow real and even more vivid

I also like a book which has reached a natural conclusion by the last page and doesn’t leave me guessing too much. I therefore decided to try including the very last line, just to see if the author had made it equally as definitive as the first line, without of course, giving too much away. I promise not to include any ‘spoilers’…

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