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First Lines … ‘Thirteen Hours’ by Deon Meyer

05:36 – 07:00

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’05:36: a girl runs up the steep slope of Lion’s Head. The sound of her running shoes urgent on the broad footpath’s gravel.

At this moment, as the sun’s rays pick her out like a searchlight against the mountain, she is the image of carefree grace. Seen from behind, her dark plait bounces against the little rucksack. Her neck is deeply tanned against the powder blue of her T-shirt. There is energy in the rhythmic stride of her long legs in denim shorts. She personifies athletic youth – vigorous, healthy, focused.

Until she stops and looks back over her left shoulder. Then the illusion disintegrates. There is anxiety in her face. And utter exhaustion.’

After my review of South African author, Deon Meyer’s book ‘Devil’s Peak’, I was contacted by the publisher Hodder & Stoughton, to request that I read and review his latest book ‘Thirteen Hours’. This book is therefore a free to review copy, sent to me by said publisher.

After just one adventure, I am already a fan of Deon Meyer‘s character – detective Benny Griessel, so I am looking forward to getting started on this book, to see where his latest case takes me.

As usual, those first few lines are already beginning to set the scene and making me want to read more.

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    • Hello Harvee,

      This is a South African author, who I have only just discovered. His character DI Benny Griessel, is a troubled man, but basically a good detective, who never gives up the chase. The storylines all appear to be quite hard hitting and have a strong morality element, which the author is good at extracting, almost as a secondary plot.

    • Hi Laurel-Rain,

      Having just read the first couple of chapters, I think I can safely say that her life is at stake and knowing Deon Meyer’s strength of writing and storylines, I’m sure that it is going to be a very harrowing ‘Thirteen Hours’, that will seem more like a lifetime!!!

    • Hi Ann,

      Of course the show airs over here in the UK, but it is not one that I have ever watched and I have no idea why not, because having checked it out, I know that it is something I would definitely enjoy, although typically we don’t watch an awful lot of television.

      This book certainly seems to be on a par with the show in terms of intensity of plot and action and the fact that the central character never gives up on a case, but will be in on the chase right until the end and he feels that he has done the right thing by the victim of the crime.

      I seem to have been reading quite a lot of crime novels lately, but I think that is more by author and publisher request than anything else.

    • Hi Nikki,

      I am not far into the story yet, but already completely engrossed. There are a couple of plots running in parallel, but I have no idea yet whether they come together or not.

      The writing is of the same standard as ‘Devil’s Peak’ and the character of Griessel is already shaping up to the same high standard.

      Crime writing at some of its best

Written by Yvonne
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