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‘Keep You Close’ by Lucie Whitehouse

Prologue ..

Before she opens the door – before she even sets foot on the drive – she is on her guard. She knows he’s there, he’d told her he would be, and yet the house is dark. If he’d left for any reason, he would have texted – “Gone to buy wine. Back in ten” – but when she checks her phone, there’s no message.

Chapter One ..

The parcel of fish and chips was warm under Rowan’s arm as she agitated the key in the lock. “Come on,” she pulled the key out then jammed it in again just as the automatic light turned out and plunged the hallway into darkness. At the same moment, she heard the first shrill note of her ringtone.

“Christ’s sake”. Leaving the key in the lock, she pulled the phone from her pocket. Its screen was a bright rectangle the dark. A London number but she didn’t recognise it. “Yes?” Impatience made her brusque …

I can’t tell you how many times I have struggled to get the front door key in the lock the right way round, then had to dash for the alarm to get the code punched in before all hell breaks loose!

Then – you guessed it – the phone rings – although unlike Rowan, I seldom make it to answer the call before the caller rings off!

This book is definitely a keeper for me, off the back of those lines alone.


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    • Hi Anne,

      I honestly didn’t read on past the lines I quoted, from either location, so I can only surmise that either Rowan is in for a shock when she enters the darkened house expecting to see this man, especially when it mentions that she is already on her guard; or the phone call she recieves is either from someone she doesn’t really want to talk to, or there is a threat hanging on the conatct!

      Either way, it doesn’t sound as though anything good is happening, or is about to happen, in the short term.

      Thanks for visiting this week, I always appreciate your comments and enjoy the rest of the weekend 🙂

    • Hi Sandra,

      It sounds as though it is just her temper which is a bit short, in the opening of chapter one. However there is a definite feeling of frayed nerves invoked by the first few lines of the prologue, so is her frustration with an unknown phone call about to become something much worse? I shall be turning the pages to find out!

      Thanks for stopping by, I always appreciate your visits and comments 🙂

  • Yeah…I hate when I’m trying to get in the house and you hear the phone ringing and you can’t get to it in time and you don’t know who called….lol…the prologue is kinda scary but I like the sound of this book. Here’s my Friday meme

    • Hi Maria,

      Now, if she could hear the phone ringing inside the house and left unanswered in the prologue, then she really would have something to worry about!

      It’s even worse when I can’t get to the ringing phone, the answer phone kicks in, no-one leaves a message even though it’s someone I know, then I have to call them back!

      Phones were only invented as implements of frustration, of that I’m sure 🙂

      Have a great weekend and thanks for taking the time to comment.

    • Hi Bev,

      The opening lines from chapter one, do sound quite everyday and mundane. But introduce the lines from the prologue and it looks as though what is to come, is a whole lot more sinister!

      Go on, add it to your list … You know you want to really 🙂

      Have a great weekend

    • Hi Jaymie,

      Thanks for stopping by today. I love ‘meeting’ new people and always appreciate and value visits and comments 🙂

      I can really relate to the first lines from chapter one – juggling a multitude of parcels, trying to get the door unlocked then get inside and disable the alarm before it wakes the entire street, all whilst shimmying in and out back and forth in an effort to keep the outside security light on so that I can see to fit the key in the lock!

      However, if I was expecting someone to be at home and then found the house in darkness, I’m not sure that I would put my key in the door before getting some kind of response from the person inside. Perhaps I would call first to see if anyone answered the phone, or ring the doorbell so that I could check for lights being switched on! If all that failed, I might consider letting myself in, but not without a self-defence weapon of some kind!

      It sounds as though this one is going to be a real page-turner 🙂

  • Sounds like a good one, enjoy it! I know what you mean about trying to get in the front door, while carrying whatever I am at the moment but add trying not to let Otis run out of the front door as well lol. He has a bad habit of trying to run out the front door when we open it. As to where he wants to go, I’ve no clue.

    • Hi Naida,

      It sounds as though Otis is set on making a dash for freedom, but he would soon realise what a big bad world it is out there, without you all to protect him!

      ‘Keep You Close’ definitely sounds like one I am going to enjoy!

      Thank for visiting, it is good to read your comments when you get the time to blog hop 🙂

    • Hi Gilion,

      It sounds as though there are some well kept secrets about to come to the fore in this book and as with all secrets, I guess there will be consequences!!

      It wouldn’t do for us all to enjoy the same reading genres, that would just be too boring and we wouldn’t get to meet the diversity of excellent authors either.

      Thanks for hosting BBOF, it is always fun to take part 🙂

    • Hi Aloi,

      I wonder why she is worried about the house being in darkness, when she knows he should be at home. Is it perhaps she fears that he might have been taken ill (which is what I would probably think if this situation happened to me). I get the feeling that her fears are much more firmly grounded in the assumption that something bad has happened to him …

      It is one of those beginnings, which in itself doesn’t sound too ominous. However, take into account the synopsis and straight away you just know that all is not as it seems.

      I do love a good suspense thriller 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, it is always good to chat with you.

  • I don’t so much struggle with my key as I do in punching in the right code for the alarm. All too often I’ve keyed in the digits for my debit card only to wonder why the alarm is now bellowing.

    Anyway, great share. I do like the sound of this book.

    • Hi Tracy,

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who has the alarm reaching the fast paced bleep stage, before I finally get the number punched in correctly – and I have exactly the same problem with the bank pin number! Goodness knows what would happen should my mobile start ringing as well!

      When hubbie worked away a lot, letting myself into a dark and empty house was something I did regularly and never really thought about. Now, I think that I would be a bit concerned if I was expecting him to be home and I arrived to find the place in darkness and no sign of him!

      ‘Keep You Close’ sounds like a great page-turner, doesn’t it? 🙂

Written by Yvonne