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Mystery By The Sea
by Verity Bright
First Lines

image of a woman sat reading by an open window - caption reads 'will these first few lines capture our imagination' - used as the image for Book Beginnings / First Lines, posts

This is a meme for all you ‘First Page Browsers‘

Cover image of the book 'Mystery By The Sea' by author Verity Bright

MYSTERY BY THE SEA – (Lady Eleanor Swift #5)




” ‘Tis terrible bad luck,’

Lady Eleanor Swift smiled. ‘Really, Polly, whatever do you mean? You’ve no need to back up whenever we happen to meet each other. You could fit six people across the width of each stair with ease.’

‘Musn’t cross on the stairs, your ladyship,’ her young maid whispered. ‘Begging your pardon for saying so, but ’tis terrible bad luck.’

‘Ah, I see!’ Eleanor frowned. ‘Well, we definitely don’t need any more of that!’ She tucked some of her wilder red curls behind her ear. ‘Perhaps we had better coordinate our ups and downs this morning then, Polly? Otherwise’ – she peered over the polished oak bannisters at Clifford, her impeccably turned out butler who was consulting a meticulously handwritten list in the hall below – ‘we might both be in trouble.’

Her young maid swallowed hard and fiddled with the lace at the top of her apron. ‘Oh lummy, Mr Clifford will be spitting feathers if things get late.’

Eleanor smiled at the image this conjured up. ‘Don’t worry, he’s just keen to make sure everything goes to schedule because we’re all going… on holiday!’

Polly squealed, then clapped her hand to her mouth. Clifford peered up at them disapprovingly. He pulled a fob watch from his pocket, consulted it with a sniff, and then shut the case with a resounding snap that echoed round the marble entrance hall.

‘Oops!’ Eleanor whispered, gesturing to Polly that they had better both get moving.”

Cover image of the book 'Mystery By The Sea' by author Verity Bright

So, you have taken a sneak peek, would you read the book?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Just to give you an extra helping hand, here is the book’s premise …

Cover image of the book 'Mystery By The Sea' by author Verity Bright

MYSTERY BY THE SEA – (Lady Eleanor Swift #5)

Cover image of the book 'Mystery By The Sea' by author Verity BrightA magnificent seaside hotel, striped deckchairs, strawberry ice cream… and a rather familiar dead body? Lady Swift is on the case!

Spring, 1921. Lady Eleanor Swift, explorer extraordinaire and accidental sleuth, hasn’t had a vacation since she arrived in England a year ago. Being an amateur detective can be a rather tiring business and she is determined to escape any more murder and mysteries. So she books into the Grand Hotel in the fashionable resort of Brighton for some fresh air, fish and chips and, of course, a dip in the ocean.

Eleanor is enjoying her view of the waves and trying to find her bathing suit when calamity strikes: a guest has been found dead at her beautiful hotel. The distraught manager, who can’t afford a scandal, asks Eleanor to solve the case as swiftly as possible. Thank goodness she has her partner in crime – Gladstone the bulldog – to help her sniff out the dastardly culprit.

But when Eleanor enters the dead man’s room, she receives a shock big enough to make her forget even the finest ice cream sundae. The body is that of her husband, who supposedly died six years ago on the other side of the world. Has he been alive all these years? Why does he have a copy of their wedding photograph with a cryptic message written on the back? If Eleanor can keep herself safe long enough to find her husband’s killer, she might discover that everything is not quite as it seems beside the seaside…

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There are always plenty of new authors and titles to be discovered and you never know where that next ‘must read’ is going to come from!


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