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‘Paris Ever After’ By K.S.R. Burns


Cover Image Of 'Paris Ever After' By K.S.R. (Karen) BurnsWhatever happens, he must not see me. Not yet. Not like this.

I sprint to the opposite side of the street, barely avoiding a speeding purple Peugeot, and duck into the shadowy recesses of a nearby doorway. From here I can see without being seen.

Unbelievable. I pass the Hotel du Cheval Blanc almost every day. But today – on my “special day,” as Margaret has been calling it, when I feel particularly at ease and happy and hopeful and just plain good – William appears.

Checking into my former hotel.


At least I think that’s him, hunched over the cluttered reception desk, writing in the old fashioned registration book.

I creep forward a few feet. The street is very narrow, and the hotel lobby is brightly lit so I have an excellent view.

Yeah, that’s him alright. His hair is shorter and he has one of those hipster stubble beards and I think he’s gained weight, but it’s unmistakably William. As tall, as grave, and – I have to admit – as beautiful as ever.

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‘Paris Ever After’ is the sequel to ‘The Paris Effect’ and Karen requested that my opening lines be taken from Chapter 1 of the book itself. However, as a small, yet important spoiler, I would like to share that there is also a ‘Previously’ preface included, which offers the reader a potted history of the story to date, making the books work fantastically well as stand alone stories – What a brilliant idea 🙂


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  • I do like this beginning, despite my earlier misgivings. And I failed to mention it before, but I love the colors in that cover artwork. (I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a macaron, but they sure are pretty!)

    • As this is a book about Paris I have linked to the recipe for ‘Parisian Rose Macarons’.
      I have only tasted them a few times, as you will be able to tell from the recipe just how bad they are for you (but then isn’t everything which tastes that good!)


      If you check out the cover art for the first book in this series ‘The Paris Effect’, then I am sure you will agree just how well they compliment one another ..


      I also like that I haven’t had to read the books in order to know exactly where we are at in the storyline and so far I am thoroughly enjoying the telling.

      Have a good weekend and Happy Reading 🙂

    • Ah! that mystery ‘previous’ chapter I mention, would answer all your questions, leaving you free to enjoy this second part of the story not having to second guess what went on in the first book.

      Thanks for stopping by, it is good to catch up with you after so long 🙂

  • Offering a “previously” section for a series is a good idea. I read a novel recently where the author tried to catch the reader up in ways that seemed unnatural and awkward.

    Intriguing beginning.

    • I too, think that a short ‘previously’ chapter is a brilliant idea, even for a lengthy series.

      The wording need not change to track each previous book in the series, but a generic chapter which reflects the background of the main characters at the series inception, would be good.

      I think this would work well for the many lengthy detective series which seem to be evolving, as I could then dip in and out of the series, reading books as stand alones, yet having some background to the main protagonists to refresh my memory!

      Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend 🙂

    • The opening few pages of this book definitely draw the reader straight into the storyline – no messing around!

      Having read the first few chapters so far, I can tell you that the story is still moving along at a good pace.

      Thanks for commenting today and Happy Reading 🙂

    • Hi Lauren,

      I never seem to be at home to get any decent quality reading time just lately. It’s just a shame that I can’t read in the car (darned motion sickness), or I would have had this one in the bag by now!

      Thanks for the visit and enjoy your weekend 🙂

    • I am still trying to decide whether I should be feeling sorry for William, or vilifying him for his treatment of Amy.

      He hasn’t been introduced properly into the storyline yet, so I guess I need to reserve judgment and keep an open mind about who’s to blame for the situation!

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and enjoy the weekend – Happy Reading 🙂

Written by Yvonne