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‘The Coniston Case’ By Rebecca Tope

“I won’t care if I never see another red rose,” Simmy muttered to herself, while carefully arranging a bouquet comprising ten of the things. It was her eleventh Valentine’s tribute of the day, and the sense of being swamped was becoming unbearable. “And still another day and a half to go,” she sighed.

” Talking to yourself?” Melanie asked coming through from the back room, holding another armful of blooms. 

“Why are people so unimaginative ?” Simmy wailed “Why not send a bunch of freesias for a change?”

“Symbolism,” said Melanie briefly, making it plain she knew full well that her boss already understood the way her romantic customers were thinking. “At least they’ve placed their orders in good time. Imagine trying to do all this on the actual day!”

“It would kill me. As it is, I’ll be out for hours delivering them all.” ……..

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    • Hi Tracy,

      I have ‘The Language Of Flowers’ on my ‘Want To Read’ list, although I’m not quite sure that the two stories have too much in common, apart from the fact that both have flowers at their heart.

      ‘The Lake District Mysteries’ starring florist Persimmon (Simmy) Brown, is a series of cozy mysteries, of which there are currently five stories, with a sixth due out in 2017. ‘The Coniston Case’ is from 2014 and is number three in the series, so getting hold of a copy from the library shouldn’t be too much of an issue I would think.


      I don’t tend to read too many cozy mysteries, although when I come across an author I can engage with, I tend to try and read as many of their books as possible. Rebecca has also written another series set in the Cotswolds, which is an area I know much better, having lived there for a while, so depending on how I get on with ‘The Coniston Case’, I might aim to switch to catch up with Thea Osborne, who is a house-sitter and amateur sleuth.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I appreciate all the comments you have left during the course of 2016 and would like to wish you and yours all the best for 2017 and have a Very Happy Christmas 🙂

    • Hi Sandra,

      I must admit that those opening lines don’t exactly get the adrenaline flowing, but then this is a cozy mystery and not one of the full on murder / thrillers I have been indulging of late.

      Also, although I suspect that these stories work well as stand alones, they do form part of a series, which ‘The Coniston Case’ falls slap bang in the middle of. Therefore, as well as being a florist, Simmy has already undergone some adventures as an amateur sleuth along the way and having read on for a couple more sentences when preparing this post, it sounds as though the delivery of the floral bouquets is going to be something of an issue, so these first few lines are really just setting the scene for what is to come …

      Thanks for taking the time to visit this week, I always appreciate your comments.

      Have a great Christmas 🙂

  • Like Tracy, this does sound interesting having read The Language of Flowers…and also Flowers for the Dead.

    I liked Simmy’s comment about sending something other than roses. We seldom “do” flowers here and the only time my husband sent me roses was when I gave birth to his children. The few Mother’s Days or Valentine’s Days that he went that route, he chose something we could transplant in the yard and continue to enjoy – like an Azalea or Hydrangea.

    • Hi Kelly,

      Rebecca Tope has written two substantial series ‘Persimmon Brown’s Lake District Mysteries’ and ‘Thea Osborne’s Cotswold mysteries’ (some 20 books in total) and they are definitely on the cozy mystery spectrum of stories and nowhere near as hard hitting as either of the books you mention, definitely not ‘Flowers For The dead’ which I have also read.

      Thea Osborne is a house-sitter and this series interests me because it is set in the lovely Cotswolds, an area I know very well and where I once lived.

      Simmy Brown is a florist and this series interests me as I also trained as a florist when I first left school and wonder what might have happened had I carried on the profession, although at the time that just wasn’t possible. We haven’t done flowers for many years now, as they are just so expensive for the length of time they last and if we do, we tend to stick to supermarket bunches which are vastly better value for money, even though they may not be presented so attractively.

      I can well remember starting work at 4am on Valentine’s, Mother’s Day and Christmas, to get all the bouquets ready for delivery, even if they happened to fall on a Sunday!

      Thanks for stopping by and let me wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas 🙂

    • Hi Tea,

      I have had this author on my ‘Want To Read’ list for some time, but it is probably only the fact that I won a copy of ‘The Coniston Case’ which has prompted me to read her work.

      I don’t read too many cozy mysteries, but every once in a while they do make a nice change.

      It really is a case of too many books and so many good authors versus too little reading time !!

      Have a very Happy Christmas and thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • Hi Lauren,

      Rebecca Tope writes mysteries which are slightly on the cozy side, so unless you really enjoy the genre, you probably won’t have come across her name before.

      I can sympathise with Simmy, florist and one of Rebecca’s amateur sleuths though. Although it is many years since I trained as a florist, I can well remember wishing that I might never see another red rose again, come Valentine’s Day. Having to treat them in boiling, then cold water, de-thorn them, then work with them in a very cool damp room to prevent them from ‘blooming’ too much before they were delivered, whilst enjoyable, was also not a very good way to work – and then I wonder why I have rheumatism now!!

      Thanks for taking the time to visit and I hope that you enjoyed your Christmas celebrations 🙂

Written by Yvonne