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‘The Death Chamber’ by Lesley Thomson
Book Beginnings / First Lines

‘THE DEATH CHAMBER’ (The Detective’s Daughter Book #6) by LESLEY THOMSON


Cover Image Of The Book 'The Death Chamber' By Lesley Thomson


Saturday 11th June 1977

Cassie Baker ducks into the back of Mike Spicer’s souped-up Ford Escort Mark 1. Her mum shouts from the gate, ‘Find your little sister and be in a taxi by ten!’ Lauren Spicer cranes around from the front seat and the friends exchange a look. By ten the party won’t be started.

Trudy Baker yells ‘Don’t spend that taxi money on drink. Don’t drink!’ As Mike accelerates down the lane, she adds something about not making a racket when Cassie gets back. The girls laugh. Lauren Spicer’s tempted to shout Cassie won’t be coming back. She says to Cassie, ‘Would we drink?’ Mick tells them, ‘Behave!’

In Cassie’s bead-encrusted clutch-bag is a bottle labelled Chucklin’ Cherry. It’s filled with Smirnoff vodka. She calls back to her mum, her words snatched into the night, ‘I’ll be good.’ Famous last words.




Cover Image Of The Book 'The Death Chamber' By Lesley ThomsonQueen’s Jubilee, 1977: Cassie Baker sees her boyfriend kissing another girl at the village disco.

Upset, she heads home alone and is never seen again.

Millennium Eve, 1999: DCI Paul Mercer finds Cassie’s remains in a field.

Now he must prove the man who led him there is guilty.

When Mercer’s daughter asks Stella Darnell for help solving the murder, Stella see echoes of herself.

Another detective’s daughter.

With her sidekick sleuth, Jack, Stella moves to Winchcombe, where DCI Mercer and his prime suspect have been playing cat and mouse for the past eighteen years..




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  • Oh, yes… once I read the premise, I remembered your earlier posts for this one. I still think it sounds great and really like the cover!

    As you know, I’m not really gung-ho about starting a new series (I already have too many others either on the go, or just begun)… so I hope you’ll let us know once you read this if it works okay as a stand-alone.

    • I have scoured just about every interview with Lesley (including the two I have hosted here at FB), every website and every review and there seems to be no clear concensus of opinion about whether ‘The Detective’s Daughter’ series needs to be read chronologically.

      It looks very much as though the first three books are quite closely linked, as they all seem to involve Stella coming to terms with and seeking closure, following the death of her father.

      However the premises for the later books would indicate that the link becomes a little more tenuous and the stories appear to be quite self-contained.

      Whether or not this is enough to sway you into taking a chance on reading one of the books as a stand-alone, I’m not sure?

      Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by this week, Donna.

      If this isn’t a book you think you would enjoy, then your taking the time to leave a comment is even more appreciated.

      Happy Reading and enjoy your weekend 🙂

    • Lesley has an amazing website and I am sure that you will find out everything you might need to know about this series, by paying a visit … I do enjoy a good murder / mystery myself!


      I am not a great believer in coincidence, but this one is just a little too spooky to ignore, so I am off to check out your book now 🙂

Written by Yvonne