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‘The Englishman And The Butterfly’
by Ryan Asmussen

Professor Henry Fell is so overwhelmed by fear that he’s only barely able to register (with a certain sad, slightly surreal, satisfaction) that the plane is actually perfectly level, that there isn’t a single buckle in the currents of air about him, that he’s seemingly the only person on this flight feverishly clutching his armrests. His conscious mind knows full well that the airplane isn’t going down; it’s not even experiencing turbulence. But his body (more specifically every nerve in his body) rings out with the sort of anxiety that would be entirely appropriate in such a situation.

I am really looking forward to discovering just how the Professor deals with the remainder of his flight and the landing at his destination, as I can sympathise with him completely. I am no stranger to flying, however I certainly couldn’t put my hand on my heart and say that I ever enjoy the experience, it is simply a means to an end and is often the only way of getting from A to B.

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    • Hi Sandra,

      I am not quite that bad when we fly, although I never find it a particularly enjoyable experience, especially when we have to take the ‘red eye’ flight back home to the UK, if we have been over in the States.

      The book has received some excellent critical acclaim since its publication, so I am really looking forward to it reaching the top of my reading pile, in a couple of books time!

      Thanks for stopping by, your comments are always appreciated.

    • Hi Laurel-Rain,

      Some people walk off a 10 hour flight, cool as a cucumber, just like they had been on a short bus ride … I don’t know how they do it! … Me, I always look stressed and like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards!!

      I think that the Professor’s feelings of being overwhelmed by things and needing constant reassurance, are symptoms of some much deeper insecurities and feelings, which are all about to ‘come to a head’, in some shape or form!

      Thanks for your comments, your visits are always appreciated.

    • Hi Rikki,

      That feeling of not being in control, whatever the circumstances, is just not me …. all my relatives and friends (including hubbie), see me as some kind of control freak!

      From reading the synopsis, I think that the Professor is not experiencing an isolated incident here either and the whole scenario is indicative of a more serious problem.

      I think this is going to be a great study of the human spirit and psyche!

      Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend.

    • Hi Jenny,

      First of all, thanks so much for deciding to stop by today, it is always good to ‘meet’ new people and your comments are appreciated.

      I stopped by and checked out the post about your Professor and couldn’t believe the many coincidences between our books and authors this week … we couldn’t do that again if we tried!

      As both our authors are academics, with a special interest in literature and poetry, it would be totally ironic if their paths had crossed at some time or another!

      Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Naida,

      They are some first lines which actually let the reader know some tangible information about the character of Professor Fell, right from the start and as so many of you have pointed out, can help the reader relate to and empathise with him. I think that I am really going to enjoy this book.

      Thanks for stopping by and as always, I value your comments.

      Hope that your weekend goes well.

    • Hi Nikki,

      Flying is really nothing more than the process of getting from A to B for me. The entire experience, from arriving at the airport check-in, to landing home again after my trip, through immigration, is not enjoyable, especially the landings! I usually try to sleep for most of the journey and that seems to help a little.

      This book promises to be a great study of human emotions and if this opening sequence is anything to go by, then it bodes well!

      Thanks for taking part in the discussion and I hope that all is well with you.

Written by Yvonne