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‘The Metaxy Project’ by Layton Green

The Present – Southwest Atlanta, Jan. 19, 8pm

I open the door of the abandoned house, and the palm of a massive hand forces me backwards. It pushes me all the way into a chair in the corner of the room.

The man’s other hand is clutching a piece of thin yellow paper, the type used for summonses and warrants. I’m an attorney, and I know that paper by sight.

And I know that this time, my name is printed on the front.

For his latest adventure, author Layton Green has left his regular characters of Dominic and Viktor (‘The Dominic Grey’ series) behind, instead introducing a stand alone story which sounds every bit as exciting, full of intrigue and suspense.

It sounds very much as though this person has been under surveillance and his attacker has acted swiftly and decisively, in cornering him, with a very focused outcome in mind! Surely a simple summons wouldn’t warrant such heavy handed tactics, especially as his target is an attorney? I can’t wait to find out more!

To check out the full premise for ‘The Metaxy Project’ and to find out more about its author Layton Green, click here


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    • Hi Elizabeth,

      If you check out my page at GR, you will see that the first three books in the ‘Dominic Grey’ series, have all made it to my favourites list and I have posted reviews for them all, both on GR and here at FB …


      I have the fourth ‘Dominic Grey’ adventure in my TBR pile and I am intrigued to know how it came to be that Layton Green decided to drop a stand alone story in between, although I am certain that I won’t be too disappointed that he did 🙂

      I shall be interested to hear your opinion of his writing, should one of his books make it to the top of Mount TBR in the future.

      Great to have you visit and enjoy your weekend 🙂

  • That definitely sounds like a very extreme way to make sure someone gets their summons! I’m definitely intrigued, although I’ve never heard of the author or his other series before! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend!
    My Friday post
    Juli @ Universe in Words

    • Hi Juli,

      Author Layton Green, was in fact himself a practicing attorney for the best part of ten years, in New Orleans. So I guess with this stand alone story, there is a certain amount of him writing about a subject he knows very well.

      I’m sure there have been summons issued in some very dubious and extreme fashions over the course of years, however this particular delivery does seem to hold the threat of violence and intimidation – Definitely the basis for a cracking storyline I’m sure!

      Thanks for stopping by, it is always good to chat with you and I hope that you enjoy your weekend 🙂

    • Hi Katherine,

      Only ever having visited the small section of Georgia which joins Florida, I can’t really comment on your observations about Atlanta.

      Here in the UK, we do of course, follow events via the World news, however you can never really assess just how much of the reporting is exaggerated or biased!

      Regardless of where the house might be, I am curious as to why this attorney is waiting in an abandoned property and I am not convinced that the person serving the summons, is necessarily the person they are waiting for!

      Thanks for visiting today and for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it 🙂

    • Hi Sandra,

      Ah! I hadn’t thought of that!

      It would look as though he had gone there to wait for someone perhaps, although the person with the summons, doesn’t exactly sound expected, do they?

      As good as I know this story is likely to be, I know this book probably isn’t for your own list, so thanks for taking the time to add another dimension to the questions those opening lines pose 🙂

      Have a great weekend

    • Hi Sherry,

      Layton Green’s ‘Dominic Grey’ series, does tend towards the supernatural thriller and delves into the murky world of religious cults and sects.

      As a stand alone ‘The Metaxy Project’ sounds as though it is going to be a bit more of a ‘traditional’ thriller format, although with Layton’s great storytelling skills and excellent writing style, I’m sure you would enjoy both genres.

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comment and I hope that you too, enjoy your weekend 🙂

  • While I like the sound of his writing, I haven’t been sure the Dominic Grey series is really for me. Perhaps this one, as a stand alone, is more suited to my taste. It gets off to a great start and I look forward to hearing more about it once you get into it.

    I’m just finishing up All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Here are the opening lines from the novel:

    “At dusk they pour from the sky. They flow across the ramparts, turn cartwheels over rooftops, flutter into the ravines between houses. Entire streets swirl with them, flashing white against the cobbles.”

    • Hi Kelly,

      It wouldn’t do for us all to enjoy the same books, would it? If we all agreed that everything was good, then there would be no discussion or debate to be had 🙂

      ‘The Metaxy Project’ does sound like more of a ‘traditional’ thriller though, so as I post more about the storyline, you might decide to give it a try and enjoy Layton’s sharp style of writing as much as I do!

      I can’t wait to read your final thoughts about ‘All The Light We Cannot See’, although you have already revealed enough for me to have added it to my list, without these intriguing opening lines; however I suspect I might know what is going on in your excerpt! (not going to say though in case I have it completely wrong) 🙂

    • Hi Lainy,

      I do try not to be too influenced by any single facet of a book – be it the cover art, the synopsis, or the first lines – however it is amazing just how much any combination or single one of those things, can decide and indeed change, how I view a storyline and its author, before I have even started reading!

      Layton Green writes such powerful storylines, that I never tend to concentrate too much on the pre-reading highlights of the book, ( I am not overstruck on the cover art of ‘The Metaxy Project’) as I am confident in just how good the story will be.

      ‘Book Beginnings On Friday’ is a really good meme, which is still very well supported and offers a great place to showcase those all important first lines of a book from your shelves 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your visit and comment and I hope that the weather hasn’t put too much of a dampener on your weekend 🙂

    • Hi Naida,

      I never thought of that question !

      However if this person is an attorney, a bit like the book’s author Layton Green was in his earlier days, then he must have done something pretty bad, for a very good reason, to run the risk of getting a summons served on him!

      Thanks for visiting and I hope that all is well with you 🙂

Written by Yvonne