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‘The Runaway Wife’ by Rosie Clarke


Cover Image Of 'The Runaway Wife' By Rosie ClarkeWould he be there that evening? Annabel Tarleton wondered as she discarded yet another of her dresses and selected one she had earlier rejected as having been worn too often in the past. Yet what did it matter if the evening gown was last season’s? She did not suppose he would be there for one moment. And she wasn’t likely to meet anyone else in the least interesting; it would be the same crowd as usual and she would be bored long before the evening was out. In fact, if she thought about it, she didn’t particularly want to go.

She gave herself a long, critical look in the cheval mirror, turning all ways to see her reflection. She supposed the dress she was wearing would do for the Munsters’ dance at a pinch. The cut and style were good for it had come from the House of Worth and been expensive when new, but she had worn it more than a dozen times already. However, there was absolutely no chance of her having anything new for the foreseeable future, nor would she dream of asking her brother for money at such a time. Just as she had almost decided to change again, the bedroom door opened and her younger sister came in.


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    • Hi Roberta,

      I’m afraid that the cover you admire so much, the title of the book and the full premise, really do contain all the spoilers you need to know about the storyline – except for the final outcome, for which I would imagine there to be multiple options – which is definitely what is going to keep me reading 🙂

      Have a great weekend 🙂

    • I think this story must be set in the early “roaring” 1920s of post-war Britain and before the Great Strike and the Great Depression of the latter part of the decade.

      It sounds from these lines that maybe Annabel can only aspire to the lifestyle of the rich and titled, or maybe they were once a wealthy family in their own right, but the Great War had seen their fortunes diminished, judging by the fact that she cannot risk asking her brother for money or possessions.

      Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading 🙂

    • Hi Katherine,

      I have of course, heard of the House of Worth before, although it wasn’t until you actually mentioned it in your comment, that I went and checked out their site for myself.

      Apart from their amazing new collections and the resuregence and rebranding of some of their iconic named perfumes, the photo collection of some of their vintage lines, the history and lineage of the company, was so interesting – thanks for the prompt.

      This definitely makes me think that maybe Annabel’s family, were once wealthy and have now fallen from grace, maybe from some First World War related incident, although I have nothing to back up that statement, either in respect of those opening lines, or from the premise itself….

      Guess I am just going to need to read the book to find out 🙂 🙂

  • Even if I’m not sure this is a book I’d pick out for myself, I do think it gets off to a good start. It does make me want to know more…

    • I am left wondering why the brother is funding the family and why it is that Annabel can’t ask him for more money “at such a time”.

      It does seem as though Annabel is trying to maintain a facade by attending the Munsters’ dance, even if she pretends not to want to go!

      I don’t mind a bit of historical romance from time to time, as there are generally references to events in the social history of the time, that I didn’t know about and are interesting to research once the seeds have been sown 🙂

    • Hi Anna,

      Welcome! Thanks for stopping by, it is good to ‘meet’ you 🙂

      I have long thought that the standard and quality of book cover art, has increased exponentially over the last few years. The artists and CGI experts certainly have become more imaginative and expressive in their work.

      I read from quite an eclectic mix of genres, but a good murder/mystery or psychological thriller will always be my #1 choice, so be default, much of the artwork I see is quite dark, brooding and disturbing!

      I also like to know that the cover art in some way reflects the story line and title of the book, and it would seem that in the case of ‘The Runaway Wife’, everything is spot on.

      Happy Reading and enjoy your Sunday 🙂

  • This sounds good and that snippet of her trying to chose what to wear for the evening while wondering if he would be there to see her immediately pulled me in. Enjoy it and happy Sunday!

    • Back in the day, I can remember being exactly like Annabel, clothes all over the bed, as I changed time and time again, trying to decide what to wear (although I hasten to add that non of my dresses came from ‘House of Worth’ and I was never going to a ‘posh’ dance at a family home!

      These days, I seldom dress up to go out, in fact you feel the odd one out if you do, as casual is definitely the name of the game. Personally I am quite happy about that, but just sometimes I rue the passing of a bygone, more genteel age and wonder what life would have been like in those times.

      Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading 🙂

    • Oh Nikki! If only you had spotted this post a day or so ago. It was then still available from NetGalley, but has since been archived and is now £4 for Kindle from Amazon.

      I do however think that it is going to be such an emotionally intriguing story, that for me, it would be worth every penny!

      When viewed collectively, all of Rosie’s books sport a very distinct and uniform set of cover art, which compliments the individual stories beautifully. All of the books have also achieved ratings and reviews of 4*+, which can’t be bad.

      I hope that your mum enjoys this one, you will have to get her to guest post her review 🙂

    • There is nothing wrong with a good historical romance every once in a while, and anyone who knows about Rosie Clarke’s writing will know that she is one of the best in the genre.

      If Rosie is a new author for your friend, you can tell her that she comes highly recommended.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and sorry for having taken so long to respond to your lovely comment 🙂

Written by Yvonne