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‘Three Sisters’ by Helen Smith
Book Beginnings

Cover Image Of The Book 'Three Sisters' By Author Helen Smith

Book Beginning from ‘THREE SISTERS‘ by HELEN SMITH

The south London sky exploded with a thousand deaths that night. Emily looked up. Tiny coloured lights hung in the blackness, like Midget Gems suspended mid-rinse in a toddler’s open mouth. She was on her way to the bonfire party at the big house at the end of the street in Brixton, where she lived, at the invitation of the new owner, whom she had never met. Emily should have been used to the fireworks at her age because there had always been fireworks on bonfire night, for as long as she could remember-


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  • Midget Gems – something I’m not familiar with and the context in which it’s used isn’t helping me any! (mid-rinse?)

    I had to look back at your earlier post featuring this book to remember anything about it. It does sound interesting to me.

    • I’m not really sure about that second sentence, I have to admit.

      I wonder if author Helen Smith was thinking about another sweet which explodes and pops in the mouth, although ‘mid-rinse’ still doesn’t sound quite right?

      Midget Gems are definitely a chewy sweet, although they are multi-coloured. I defintely wouldn’t give them to a toddler though, as I can always remember giving a few of the Midget Gems grown up brother Wine Gums to my eldest niece, with some pretty spectacular, unexpected and quite scary consequences.

      The flavourings and colourings really tipped her over the edge and we just couldn’t calm her down or stop the hyperactivity, no matter how we tried!


      I am now about half way through this very short book and in all honesty I am struggling to know what to make of it. Writing a review is going to be a tricky one!

      Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

    • This is the first in the of ‘Emily Castle’ mystery/caper, cozy/mystery series of stand alone, short stories.

      From necessity, the main protagonist needs to be a strong character, who can hit the ground running and takes very little time to manage and it looks as though author Helen Smith, has managed to achieve this, if ‘Three Sisters’ is anything to go by.

      Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading 🙂

    • I must admit that I probably wouldn’t give Midget Gems to a toddler, as they are like wine gums only much smaller and harder. Not good for a small childs teeth and that’s without all the sugar, colourings and flavourings they contain!


      Maybe not the best choice of words with which to open a book, however food does seem to play quite an important part in the story!

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend 🙂

  • I’d keep reading, sounds intriguing. I wonder. Enjoy it!
    I’ve been off blogland for a little while and have been catching up today. I hope you enjoy your weekend 🙂

    • I must admit that I hadn’t realised that ‘Three Sisters’ was a short story, until I began reading.

      I have checked out the three susequent books in the series though and I noticed that each one has a few more pages than the last, so perhaps Helen herself has picked up on some of the issues various readers and reviewers have made comment about!

      Now, as I am almost done with the book, I am still not sure what my feelings are about it!

      It has been quite difficult for me in keeping up with everything in Blogland just lately, with father-in-laws recent death and the sale of my own late father’s property to secure, taking precedence. I’m certainly not back in full swing yet, but I shall get there bit by bit, so I know how you must feel!

      Keep smiling and thanks for taking time out to visit so many of my posts 🙂

Written by Yvonne