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‘Under A Cornish Sky’ by Liz Fenwick

Cover Image - 'Under A Cornish Sky' By Liz FenwickPrologue

The eyes look at her and Demi laughs. She turns to the child next to her, the one she has played with all week, but the boy is not there. Nor is the girl who is looking after them,  nor are the other children. She is alone with the butterfly and the sunshine.


Chapter One

The scent of honeysuckle drifted through the open window and late afternoon sunshine fell on the tangled sheets. Victoria smiled. She could still smell Adam’s aftershave. She pulled the duvet over the bed and plumped the pillows.

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I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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  • To quote the song, it sounds like some “afternoon delight” has taken place! 😉 The words from the prologue do have me curious as to what’s going on in her life.

    I’m working on my next book club selection. It’s a long one, so I figured I’d better get started!

    “The train was rocking through wide open country before Elsa was able to put off the misery of leaving and reach out for the freedom and release that were hers now. She tucked her handkerchief away, leaned her shoulder against the dirty pane and watched the telegraph wires dip, and dip, and dip from pole to pole, watched the trees and scattered farms, endless variations of white house, red barn, tufted cornfield, slide smoothly backward. Every mile meant that she was freer.”
    – The Big Rock Candy Mountain by Wallace Stegner

    • Hi Kelly,

      Yup! Having read on a short way past the lines I quoted, to find a suitable break point where I wouldn’t be giving too much away, I can confirm your theory, although even I was amazed at what a cold and calculating woman Veronica really is! …

      I have never come across the name of Wallace Stegner before, even though it is obvious that he was an author of some repute, judging by the fantastic ratings and reviews his book have, and still are, receiving!

      I have read a couple of romantic historical fiction books, set in the US of this time era, however those first lines, together with the synopsis, really set a wholly different perspective and one which I really want to explore.

      There were one or two of the Stegner books, which didn’t have quite the same appeal and instantly attention grabbing storylines, but on the whole this is an author who demands to be read, although I shall probably wait until you share your thoughts about ‘The Big Rock Candy Mountain’ before finally adding it to my list!

      Happy Reading 🙂

    • Hi Katherine,

      I was lucky enough to win a paperback copy of this book as a Goodreads Giveaway, otherwise I might never have known about this author.

      Cornwall is one of my favourite locations to visit and is quite ‘doable’ as a day trip from where I live, so I am lucky enough to get down there quite often.

      This certainly won’t be the last Liz Fenwick book I read and as the location is the only thing her four books to date have in common and they are all stand alone stories, getting caught up in ‘series reading’ isn’t going to be a problem!

      Thanks for stopping by this week, I always appreciate your comments 🙂

    • Hi Bev,

      This one is going to make quite a change in storyline, from the string of crime and psychological thrillers I have enjoyed of late.

      I definitely think I have discovered a new author to focus on, so with four books already in the suite and another one due for release in 2016, I had better get reading!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment this week and I hope that you enjoy a good weekend 🙂

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      I too, love the scent of honeysuckle and jasmine, although they do grow prolifically in the garden and tend to become rather ‘woody’ over the course of time, so we have taken all ours out and are considering whether or not to re-plant with fresh stock.

      There is no lovelier place than Cornwall, on a warm, sunny day, although either visiting slightly out of season, or arriving early in the morning, is definitely the best strategy, as the crowds of visitors in the height of summer, are a nightmare to negotiate!

      Thanks for taking the time to visit this week. I hope that all is well with you 🙂

    • Hi Naida,

      You should check out the full synopsis, as I think you would probably enjoy this one.

      “A spelling-binding tale of romance and intrigue, set against the gorgeous Cornish coast.”

      I am so hoping that this opening descriptive style of writing continues throughout the story.

      With one character who sounds like a bit of a dreamer and the other who is hard-nosed and very self centred, the sparks are surely set to fly!

      I hope that your weekend has been good and thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment 🙂

    • Hi Lauren,

      A beautiful location both in which to write and as a setting for her stories, written by an author who is passionate about the place and loves to use her capability as a wordsmith to describe events in great detail – What’s there not to love about ‘Under A Cornish Sky’!

      Thanks for taking the time to visit and leave a comment, I always appreciate both 🙂

  • Under a Cornish Sky was my favourite read of last year.
    There is something special about Cornwall, and Liz “get’s it” more than any other writerI can think of. (Yes, Daphne Du Maurier, I AM including you!)

    All her books are good, and they get better with each one.

    Enjoy – i did – and will again


    • Hi John,

      Thanks for taking the time to visit. I enjoy ‘meeting’ new people and always appreciate everyone’s comments 🙂

      I have to admit, that until I spotted ‘Under A Cornish Sky’ in the Goodreads Giveaways, I had never come across Liz Fenwick’s name before.

      However, thanks to the lovely book win, I shall definitely be marking her as an author to follow, especially as her stories seem to all work well as stand alones, as I am notoriously bad at ‘series’ reading!

      Being a southerner, I love Cornwall and think it is just about the most ideal place to spend some quality time exploring, or simply enjoying the scenery in peace and solitude.

      ‘Under A Cornish Sky’ is working its way up my TBR pile and I am looking forward to reading it 🙂

Written by Yvonne