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‘No Substitute For Money’ … Giveaway Winners!

Photograph of author Carolyn J. RoseI would like to extend my thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to drop by Fiction Books this week, where I have been lucky enough to have author Carolyn J. Rose, not only publish a great guest post, but also give away an e-copy of her latest book ‘No Substitute For Money’.

What started out as Carolyn describing to what effect she has used snakes in a couple of her stories, as well as some of her own personal experiences with the creatures, has led on to some pretty off-the-wall, spin-off conversations about everything from spiders to cats; eating habits to water phobias; the pros and cons of co-authoring books to working with spouses and partners and just about anything and everything in between!

We have both had so much fun, that Carolyn has decided to give away not one, but three copies of ‘No Substitute For Money’, so Nikki over at ‘Notes Of Life’, Naida over at ‘The Bookworm’ and Lesley over at ‘Lesley Diehl’ should be hearing from Carolyn soon, with details of how to claim their reward.

For those of you who didn’t get the chance to stop by and participate in the competition, ‘No Substitute For Money’, is a must-read for anyone who loves a great mystery and can be purchased from most major sites, right now…

Substitute teacher Barbara Reed knows better than to say the word “perfect.” Using the P-word is a sure way to jinx romance, finance, and circumstance.

Despite a chronic shortage of funds, things are looking up for Barb after the events of NO SUBSTITUTE FOR MURDER. She’s completing grad school and hoping for a job at Captain Meriwether High School in Reckless River, Washington. Her drug-cop boyfriend, Dave Martin, wants to move in and his daughter is all in favor. Even Barb’s tiny dog Cheese Puff has no objections—undaunted by size, he’s infatuated with Dave’s partner Lola, a drug-sniffing Golden Retriever.

Then Dave uses the P-word. And Barb’s luck leaves town.

Her car breaks down, her domineering sister comes for a visit, the condo manager plots to ban dogs, her jailed ex-husband begs her to be a character witness at his trial, a computer hacker creates chaos at the high school, and a hulking thug threatens violence.

Just when it appears things can’t get worse, Lola sniffs out a package in her car and a drug dealer decides Barb and Cheese Puff are his tickets out of trouble.

Thanks once again Carolyn and I hope that you and everyone else, has a great weekend!

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