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‘A Killing Frost’ By R.D. Wingfield

A KILLING FROST‘ by R.D. Wingfield

Cover Image Of 'A Killing Frost' By R.D. WingfieldA blinding flash of lightning etched the trees in sharp relief against the night sky, followed almost instantly by a rumble of thunder overhead which seemed to make the ground shake. Heavy, stinging rain drummed down.

The man sheltering under the oak tree, his raincoat soaked through, cursed his luck for venturing out on such a lousy night just to take the flaming dog for a walk. As soon as the rain eased off  he would make his way home, but where was the dog? Probably cowering under a bush somewhere. terrified by the noise.

Detective Inspector Jack Frost, slouched at the desk in his office, glanced up as lightning flashed and the overhead lights flickered off and on. He went to the window and looked out on the darkened car park, where stair-rods of driving rain broke the reflections in the puddles.

‘Look at that bleeding rain,’ he muttered to himself, glad he wasn’t out in it. One good thing about heavy rain: it kept most villains indoors.

He returned to his desk and his car expenses. Picking up his ballpoint he carefully altered a ‘6’ to an ‘8’.

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  • Ooo…good beginning lines! I assume the poor fellow walking his dog in the downpour is about to meet up with the rare villain who gets out in it!

    I don’t believe you’ve featured this one before. I like the title and the cover.

    • Hi Kelly,

      I wasn’t so sure about these lines when I read the post back. Whilst they are good for not giving too much away, I don’t think they really tell the reader anything about the story.

      The poor fellow walking his dog doesn’t quite come close to meeting the villain, rather the victim. Frost on the other hand, is definitely not going to have quite as peaceful and dry a night as he might have been hoping for!

      This book has been sat on my shelves for literally years and I have in fact read it once before, long before I began blogging, so I didn’t feel it fair to introduce it as a new book in ‘Mailbox Monday’. Instead I’ll leave a couple of links so that you can get some background on the series, both the books and the very successful television adaptations, starring David Jason (Only Fools And Horses) as Frost!


      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Touch_of_Frost ….. Please note the references to Swindon in this article, as this is where I was born and raised and where my remaining family still live.

      Have a good weekend. Our weather is back to its usual summer norm this weekend – cold, wet and windy – but that’s because the kids broke up from school for the summer holdays today 🙂

      • I see now, not exactly a new book or series.

        And I should have known, with as many dogs as I have in my life, that the fellow in the rain is going to find the body. Or maybe I should say that his dog has! 🙂

        Thanks for the links. Not a series I’m familiar with, of course, but I imagine now that you’ll always picture the lead actor when reading books featuring his character.

        We’ve got typical summer weather now, too. HOT & HUMID!! 😉

        • Both the book and television series were really popular and I thought that maybe you would have been familiar with the show ‘Only Fools And Horses’. When we have been to Florida, it has been shown regularly on some of the mainstream network channels.

          David Jason was the main protagonist in both series, such different roles and yet he was so well suited to both.

          You have sussed out the opening gambit of the book, although I can tell you now, that Frost won’t be at all pleased to have been called out from behind his dry desk.

          Stay Cool and enjoy the weekend 🙂

    • Hi Cleo,

      I am always a bit wary of prequels, whether it be books or films and have to admit that I have never been tempted by the James Henry ‘Frost’ books.

      Most of the original Wingfield series of ‘Frost’ books, have been sitting on my shelves for ages and I have posted reviews in different places, but all before I began blogging. I therefore aim to revisit the series and add them to Fiction Books, before finally passing the books onto my local hospice charity shop.

      The television series was amazing, with Frost being so accurately portrayed by David Jason, although I understand that Wingfield held some reservations about the choice!

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and I hope that your weekend has been good 🙂

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