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A Peter Robinson Too Far?

Talk about buying extra, just in case!!!

Dry Bones That Dream By Peter Robinson
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I was so impressed with the character of  Chief Inspector Alan Banks, in Peter Robinson‘s, ‘Dry Bones That Dream’, that I picked up a job lot of about ten different titles in the series, from a charity shop in Wiltshire, yesterday.

Well, it seemed like too good a bargain to turn down. They were all in excellent condition, a mixture of hardcovers and paperbacks, and all just 99pence each, would you walk away?

I just hope that all the preceeding and following books, to the one I have just finished, are as good, or I am going to be very disappointed!

I know that my Dad will read them as well, in fact he will probably get his hands on them first, as he reads much more quickly than I do; (I’m too busy blogging and twittering!).

I get most of my own reading material and books to sell on my Marketplace Sellers Store, from charity, or second hand shops, of one sort or another. It’s just a question of being in the right place at the right time, to get the good quality bargains and, of course, to know what will and won’t sell, not that I always get it right of course!

Don’t forget that Peter is appearing in several Waterstones stores, mostly in the Central/ North of England, in August, to promote his new book ‘Bad Boy’.

I promise that I will be posting a review of ‘Dry Bones That Dream’, together with several other outstanding reviews, very shortly. I do have a good excuse for the delay, honestly!!, so please be patient.

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