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‘Afterlife’ By Marcus Sakey

Cover Image Of 'Afterlife' By Marcus SakeyHe was born into cramped alleys and foul air, fish-stink and garbage and the Bellman’s call – Remember the clocks, look well to your locks.

London, in the year of their Lord 1532. Father in the wind, mother barely remembered, he grew on the streets, working when there was work, begging and stealing and renting himself when not, and when he first saw Persephone bobbing in a halo of sun on a cloudy day, he thought her a promise someone should have made him.

He was thin and pale and restless of mind, unclear why some were born to silks and some to slavery, and unwilling to let things lie. Edmund watched the caravel unload, watched the sailors stagger to land. Amongst them he saw an apprentice no older than himself, and he followed as they laughed their way to a filthy alehouse with a sign in the shape of an anchor, where they drank watered beer by the gallon. When the boy went for a piss in the alley, Edmund buried a blade in the nape of his neck, sliding it up and twisting.

The next morning Persephone sailed with a new apprentice …

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    • Hi Nicki,

      When I was first asked to consider running a few promotional posts for this book, I have to admit that it seemed to fall well outside of my usual reading genres. However, the premise had me so intrigued, that I quickly revised my scheduling and I am now looking forward to ‘Afterlife’ getting to the top of my reading list!

      Thanks for stopping by today. I like ‘meeting’ new people and I appreciate you taking the time to comment 🙂

  • That’s definitely one hell of a beginning! I like how it both gives you some background on Edmund while showing you his actions, it really gives you an idea of his character. Also, I love the name Persephone, as well as the mythology around her <3 I'll keep an eye out for this one! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have an amazing weekend!
    My Friday post
    Juli @  A Universe in Words

    • Hi Julli,

      Homer describes Persephone as “the formidable, venerable majestic princess of the underworld, who carries into effect the curses of men upon the souls of the dead.” – so I’m thinking that things aren’t sounding too good for Edmund!

      The synopsis of the book has this story set in modern day Chicago, a far cry indeed from the docks of what sounds very much like an English port. Definitely first lines that would make me want to keep reading, whether I had seen the premise, or not!

      Thanks for taking the time to visit this week, I love receiving comments and ‘Happy Reading’ 🙂

  • Wow, I would never have connected this with the same book you previously featured. I’m totally intrigued now! I look forward to any more promotional posts you have planned. It may have to go on my (ever increasing) wish list! (which doesn’t even include my TBR pile!)

    • Hi Kelly,

      I must admit that when I opened my Kindle download and started to read to decide how much to share in this post, I actually scrolled back through the pages to the cover, just to make sure that I had the right book!

      England in the 1500s to modern day Chicago USA, is definitely a leap, especially as these lines are defined as Chapter One, rather than the Prologue I was expecting!

      I’m now wondering anew, whether ‘Afterlife’ is going to be a little to far outside of my regular reading sphere, but I am rather intrigued to know how this story line progresses!

      I wish you a good weekend and some ‘Happy Reading’ 🙂

Written by Yvonne