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An Evening With Kathy Reichs

Why, oh why, do these authors need to release the same book twice, with different titles in different countries?

It is so frustrating and whilst not really being misleading, because most people do tend to read the synopsis of a book before they buy, it is a little insulting to the intelligence, in my opinion!

This is an update to my recent post, where I discussed the arrival of Kathy Reich’s 13th novel featuring Dr. Temperance Brennan, ‘Spider Bones’.

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It is now confirmed that Kathy will be appearing at Waterstones in Milton Keynes, on Wednesday 13th October 2010, to talk about the book, which in the UK, will be titled:

‘Mortal Remains’

The event is scheduled to run from 6.30pm – 8pm and is a ticketable event, which carries a small charge of £3.00, which is redeemable against purchase of the book, on the night.

For such a popular author, this is sure to be a well attended event, so book here early, to avoid disappointment.

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  • The different titles thing is a pain – I’ve bought the same book twice before now and then when reading the second one found it strangely familiar. Mark Mills ‘Amagansett’ and ‘The Whalebone House’ is one pair that springs to mind.

  • Hi Annabel,

    Tess Gerritsen is another author that did the dual title thing, with ‘Ice Cold’ and ‘The Killing Place’.

    I could understand it if there was going to be a translation problem with the title, but it seems to happen quite a lot with US authors, so I’m not sure what the motive is.

    I wonder if it happens with UK authors, when they sell into the US…. Anybody know?

  • It can be frustrating right? I have been confused by different names many times. Now I pay more attention to the author name and the summary.

    It happens with UK authors too, I’ve seen a couple of examples. I wish they wouldn’t do that, I fail to see a point.

  • Hi Violet,

    It does seem as though the only motive could be to make more money, by hoping that people won’t be very observant and purchase the same title twice, but like you say, it does seem a little pointless.

    Kathy Reichs is a great author, if you like her genre of book. It’s always an ‘edge of the seat’ read, not knowing how things are going to turn out.

  • Did Kathy say why there was the two different titles? It’s driving me nuts because I can’t find an explanation for it anywhere!

  • Hi Tara,

    I hope that you received your email response and thanks for the great question.

    The most definitive answer I could find on the web, does not come from Kathy herself, but from her fellow contemporary, Karin Slaughter.


    It seems to answer the query quite succinctly, if offering no crumbs of hope that it is not a situation which is destined to continue.

Written by Yvonne