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‘Cadbury Heritage Collection’
By Gibsons Games And Puzzles

CADBURY HERITAGE COLLECTION‘ – (Heritage 1000 Collection)

Image A Gibsons Jigsaw Puzzle - The Cadbury 1000 Heritage Collection

For over 150 years, the Cadbury name has appeared on packaging, point-of-sale and advertising material. Gibsons is proud to introduce a range of 500 and 1000 piece puzzles featuring a wide selection of those images obtained from the Cadbury archives.

A one-man grocery business opened in 1824 In Bull Street, Birmingham, UK by John Cadbury, was the foundation of Cadbury Limited.

In 1919, Cadbury Brothers merged with another well-known company, J.S Fry & Sons of Bristol, with famous brands of its own such as Fry’s Chocolate Cream and Turkish Delight.

The distinctive purple and gold house colours were introduced at the beginning of the century and were used on sales catalogues and seal designs on special boxes and stationery. It was not until 1952 that the script logo, based on the signature of William A. Cadbury, was used across major brands.


Image Of The Gibsons Family - Group ShotFounded in 1919, Gibsons have been entertaining generations for almost a century and are proud to have such a rich, British heritage. They are as devoted as they were on day one to providing fun family pastimes for all ages.

What makes their jigsaw puzzles different from other brands is the high quality of the materials they use. Their jigsaws are manufactured from blue-backed puzzle board that is made from 100% recycled materials and cut thickly to ensure each piece slots satisfyingly into place.

They commission a wide range of talented artists to paint their jigsaw puzzle images, all of whom have distinct styles and themes to ensure there’s something for everyone in their varied puzzle collection.

Having started with just 6 puzzles, they now have over 250 titles in their collection that range from 2 to 2000 pieces!
They also have a broad selection of best-selling board games, including 221b Baker Street, Pass the Bomb and Diplomacy and a selection of branded gifts that have been inspired by much loved British brands, such as Marmite, Pringles and Mr Men.

As well as bringing families together with their jigsaw puzzles and games, they are also brand sponsors of the charity Jigsaw4u, a community-based charity in SW London that helps children who have been affected by complex social, emotional and bereavement issues put the pieces back together. They do all sorts of fund-raising to support Jigsaw4u, including bake sales, donations and even a sponsored puzzle-a-thon!

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As usual, being the thrifty person I am, this jigsaw, like so many others, was purchased used, from a charity shop. This is always a risky strategy, as there is no way of guaranteeing that a puzzle is going to be either in reasonable condition, or have all its pieces!

I therefore generally try to stick to the more well known and respected brands of jigsaw puzzles, in an attempt to minimise the quality risk, but do have to rely solely on the integrity of the person donating the jigsaw, that all the pieces have been accounted for and are in good condition.

Clearly this particular item has been completed more than once, given the slightly ‘weathered’ appearance of the box. However the pieces were in as good as condition as the day it was bought, they fitted together like a dream and gave a finished result which was colourful, crisp and clear.

Which is just as well, given that I am something of a chocoholic given half a chance and Cadbury always was and still remains, my chocolate of choice, despite any recent recipe changes following the company takeover.

Even less healthy is the fact that I only enjoy milk chocolate and never dark. If dark chocolate was all that was available, I would probably choose to go without, so I guess that my addiction might be broken if all milk chocolate was withdrawn from sale tomorrow!

My favourite is undoubtedly a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, closely followed by a Cadbury Creme Egg 🙂

Image A Gibsons Jigsaw Puzzle - The Cadbury 1000 Heritage Collection

This jigsaw puzzle was a charity shop purchase. Any thoughts or comments are my own personal opinion and I am in no way being monetarily compensated for this, or any other article.

I personally do not agree with ‘rating’ a purchase, as the overall experience is all a matter of personal taste, which varies from person to person. However some review sites do demand a rating value, so when this review is posted to such a site, it will attract a 4 out of 5.



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I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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  • I’ve not seen that jigsaw before, the picture looks like it would be great fun to do… I like these different types of puzzles I must admit. I had a couple of art puzzles given to me by my daughter, plus I have a large tbd pile. I’ll try to do a jigsaw post myself when I’ve recovered properly.

    Hope you’ve had a nice Christmas? Ours was nice, a family time, but we all went down with colds so that was a bit of a nuisance. Never mind. Happy New year to you, Yvonne.

    • Hi Cath,

      I must admit that I do enjoy the nostalgia focus of a good jigsaw puzzle, rather than the traditional ‘chocolate box’ roses round the door style!

      The only drawback is that so many of them seem to focus on food or food related products, so perhaps an arty jigsaw might be a good alternative to try.

      We had a couple of black and white sculpture jigsaws donated in a few of weeks ago and whilst this link is about the best comparison I could find, I think you will get the idea of how tricky they looked. I’m not sure that even my levels of patience are up to this challenge …


      I hope that the colds are all cleared up now. We have managed to avoid any bugs so far this year, but the law of averages must mean that it is only a matter of time.

      Wishing you and yours a Very Happy New Year 🙂

  • I was just thinking I should find a good jigsaw puzzle to work on in our upcoming cold snap. This looks like a fun one to do as I’m a chocolate lover too! Well done, Yvonne.

    • Hi Mary,

      The weather here has been changing from autumnally mild to winter freezing, almost daily. So whilst many areas of the country have been snowed in, at least we have been able to get about, although the downside has been that there seem to be an enormous amount of bugs, viruses and germs doing the rounds, leaving few people healthy and unaffected. So far we have both escaped without so much as a snuffle, but I am very firmly touching wood as I write that!

      A jigsaw is always a good relaxer for me, at least when I get the time to work one. A puzzle can sit on my board for several weeks before it gets completed. That so many of this style of jigsaw are food related, is definitely an added bonus!

      Thanks for stopping by and I wish you and yours a Very Happy New Year 🙂

  • I think that would be a fun image to work! I don’t believe I’ve ever run across the Gibson brand before, but it sounds like they put out top quality puzzles. When I box my puzzles to pass on, I always make a point to note on the outside if there are any missing (or extra!) pieces.

    I’ve never really been a chocoholic, preferring other flavors (like vanilla, caramel or the sweet/sour flavors – orange, cherry, etc. – of hard candy). It wasn’t until well into adulthood that I developed a taste for dark chocolate. Of course I eat none with milk or butterfat anymore, so when I need a fix, I go with unsweetened cocoa powder. As for the Cadbury brand… nothing beats a creme egg! 😀

    • Hi Kelly,

      I don’t know if you have ever come across Ravensburger puzzles over there, but they are recognised as probably the best branded jigsaw for quality, durability, fit and high image definition. Gibson ranks a very close second place in my opinion and so long as all the pieces are in the box, you can usually depend on their quality without question.

      I never usually pass on or donate back to charity a jigsaw with any missing pieces. I for one wouldn’t want to pay good money for a jigsaw with missing pieces, in much the same way that I wouldn’t want to buy a book with missing pages, so I wouldn’t expect anyone else to have to. I’m afraid that those puzzles end their life when they come into my hands and usually end up in the rubbish bin!

      I am not a fan of boiled sweets as the sugar tends to coat my mouth and teeth in a not very tasty or enjoyable way and one of my pet hates is anyone who crunches boiled sweets. Still, we all have little vices don’t we and me preferring chocolate is not exactly the healthy option?

      I totally agree about the creme eggs, although the recipe has definitely changed over the past couple of years – not enough to put me off them though!

      I would like to wish you and yours a Very Happy New Year and thank you for all your support in 2017 🙂

      • I am familiar with Ravensburger and feel sure I have worked one at some time or another in my life.

        If I’m aware going into it that there is a missing piece (as in when a friend has loaned me a puzzle where it’s noted on the outside), I don’t always mind it if I really like the image and want to work it. It can almost be a challenge wondering when and where I’ll find the empty spot!

        It’s been almost four years since I had a creme egg, so perhaps my last experience was with those you still preferred. It’s much like when they took the trans-fats out of the Girl Scout cookie recipes. They were never the same! (or as good)

        • That was a good teaser comment, as never having been in the Girl Scouts, or Girl Guides as it was known back in my youth, I had no idea what Girl Scout Cookies are, although a calculated guess did the trick!

          Seeing a selection of the biscuits and looking at the yearly sales figures, I can imagine exactly why they removed some of the trans-fats. I guess that would make the biscuits about as palatable as gluten free or dairy free!

          I still wouldn’t even think about doing a jigsaw if I knew any of the pieces were missing, although if a jigsaw is second hand and I don’t know about the missing piece(s), I guess there is nothing I can do about it, apart from moan and groan. It would still definitely go into the rubbish after I had finished with it though 🙂

          • Yep… Girl Guides are the British equivalent of Girl Scouts and I didn’t know if they sold cookies, too. I was not a GS (I was a Camp Fire Girl and we sold Russell Stover chocolates when I was little… it’s some other brand now), but both of my daughters were Girl Scouts. I think it’s a great organization (or was at the time).

            I will admit that I once believed there could be no such thing as a tasty gluten free or dairy free baked item, but I’ve since learned that’s a fallacy. I’ve had many that were delicious and would never have known if not told! That said, I’ll still claim I don’t like liver or any other organ meat, despite the fact I’ve never tasted any to my knowledge! 😉

  • I’d be upset if I worked on a puzzle then found it was missing pieces myself. Hubby and my daughter sometimes will do a puzzle together and they crack me up. I’ll watch them trying to figure it all out, they get so involved. Glad you enjoyed this one and the vintage images are nice.
    I’m a milk chocoholic too 🙂 Oh gosh, Godiva or Lindt’s are my favorites but I’m okay with a Hershey’s milk bar with almonds. Funny enough I cannot eat chocolate icecream though. And my favorite chocolate cake is from a local Italian bakery, it is one layer of chocolate cake, one layer vanilla cake, then chocolate pudding as the filling and fluffy chocolate frosting. Sometimes I will just pick one up to have at home with tea. Now I’m craving chocolate cake….lol. Happy, Healthy New Year Yvonne! xo

    • Hi Naida,

      Jigsaws are strangely addictive to just about everyone I know who does them. It is so easy to think “I will just spend a few minutes adding a couple of pieces”, only to discover that I have been sat at the table for an hour, so engrossed have I become.

      Lindt is hubbies favourite chocolate, but I’m afraid that I am basically a Cadbury girl myself, although we will both indulge in just about any milk chocolate challenge!

      I am not a lover of chocolate or strawberry icecream, much preferring the nutty/caramel flavours and neither of us are huge cake eaters, although when we do indulge, my favourites again, are the nutty/ caramel/coffee combinations.

      I think that a healthy New Year will involve a household ban on all things choclatey and a no cheating outside the house promise from both of us!

      I hope that you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year celebrations and that 2018 is kind to you and yours 🙂

Written by Yvonne