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‘Carry On Movie Posters’
1,000 Pieces
by Falcon De Luxe Puzzles

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Box image of the jigsaw puzzle 'Carry On Movie Posters'

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Box image of the jigsaw puzzle 'Carry On Movie Posters'


The Carry On films were a long running series of popular British low-budget comedy films, directed by Gerald Thomas and produced by Peter Rogers.

An energetic mix of parody, farce and double entendres, they are seen as classic examples of British humour. Part of the fabric of retro great British comedy.

For over 50 years, the Carry On comedy films, have occupied a special place in the hearts of movie audiences. Their fast and furious mix of fun and laughter, served up with a hefty helping of innuendo and suggestive humour, is enjoyed around the world. Making their debut in 1958, the films are classic romps in the great British tradition of farce, and the regular cast of larger than life characters are played by some of the biggest comedy stars of the era. With iconic scenes and catchphrases such as “Oooh! Matron” are recognised and loved by all.

The first Carry On film – the black and white Carry On Sergeant, was released in 1958 starring William Hartnell, who was also the first actor to play the roll of Doctor WhoCarry On Sergeant proved so popular that 1958 saw the release of three Carry On titles – also in black and white – Carry On Nurse, Carry On Teacher and Carry On Constable.

In 1961 Carry On Regardless was released and each year until 1978 saw the release of at least one new Carry On movie in the cinemas.

To this day the Carry On genre conjures up images of saucy humour, larger than life characters and riotous slapstick comedy. The Carry On films made household names of the likes of Barbara Windsor, Kenneth Williams, Sid James, Charles Hawtrey and Hattie Jacques. Joan Sims, Jim Dale and Bernard Bresslaw.

Box image of the jigsaw puzzle 'Carry On Movie Posters'


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Box image of the jigsaw puzzle 'Carry On Movie Posters'

Puzzle making is more than a craft – It’s a passion!

I can always remember the Carry On films on television, as being a part of my home life as a child. However I had no idea that they began in the year I was born and carried on being so hugely popular right up until the year before I was married – that is so insane and definitely makes me feel old, as this year we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary!

Looking back on it now I am also more than surprised that my parents allowed me to watch such ‘risque’ television programming, or maybe the fact that at that time, television in itself would have been quite a novelty for us as a family, perhaps coloured their judgement about our viewing restrictions a little.

Perhaps on reflection, much of the television programming content of that time, was of the same rather ‘progressive’ nature, full of innuendo, language and content, which by today’s very ‘politically correct’ standards, would certainly not be permissible on any of the mainstream channels, and certainly not for family viewing!

I really wanted to include a link to some of the Carry On YouTube clips, especially the one which features the memorable Kenneth Williams line, synonymous with many of the films “Oooh! Matron”, as he had such a distinctive tone of voice. However, I had second thoughts about it and decided that I didn’t want to inflict any possible offence on site visitors, although I can still recommend that you check them out, if you are of a slightly more broad minded nature.

Simply visit YouTube and search ‘Carry On Films Clips’, then select ‘Carry On Montage’.

I had a real trip down memory lane, watching extracts from several of the films before making my decision that they were just too risqué to include in the post, slightly tinged with sadness that so many of the stars from the films, named above, are now no longer with us.

In much the same way that this quality Falcon jigsaw puzzle was fun to make and watch evolve into some of the most memorable montages from the films I remember so well, with affection 🙂

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