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‘Seaside Antics!’
by Donald McGill
Jigsaw Puzzle
by Jumbo Falcon de luxe

Image of completed jigsaw vase of purple flowers featured image


As happens from time to time, I am making a short diversion away from the ‘bookish’ posts you will usually find here, to share one of my other pastimes with you.

Yes! I am a not so secret dissectologist – or someone who enjoys jigsaw puzzle assembly.

Image of a jigsaw puzzle box showing saucy postcards - Seaside Antics by Donald McGill - Falcon de luxe jigsaw puzzles

Clicking on this Amazon link will allow you to magnify individual montages, for a closer look at all those ever so slightly, saucy postcard images!

I have added numbers to the images and  included the captions which would have originally accompanied each card, which by today’s standards are really very tame and probably wouldn’t warrant a second glance, although I am guessing that back in the day they would have been considered quite risqué.

This was definitely not a jigsaw where the traditional way of making the outside edge first would have worked. In fact the borders of the individual cards caused me more grief than anything else! You might think they all look obviously different, but once you get started you quickly realise that was a false hope 🙂


Donald McGill was known as the ‘King of Saucy Postcards’, his designs selling millions between 1904 and 1962. These wonderfully witty illustrations only earned him up to three guineas a design, but today his original artwork can fetch thousands.

Re-live the good old days of classic English holidays by the coast with this 1000pc puzzle montage and indulge in the hilarious humour of yesteryear.

All the images featured in this puzzle were illustrated as individual postcards, and each one was printed with a humourous phrase.

Image of jigsaw 'Saucy Summer Postcards' with images numbered for captions

1. Yes, Sir, if a lad’s got anything in him, the sea will fetch it out! … 2. I call my doggie ‘corsets’ – ‘cos he’s tied up all day and let out at night! … 3. What d’yer mean by coming on parade with the top of your tunic undone?! … 4. That’s where dad is! …      5. I may ‘ave ‘ad a couple but blimey! I knows ‘Addock from ‘Ake!! … 6. They had a beer drinking competition at the club last night. Oh, who got second prize? … 7. I’m high and dry on the coast here! … 8. Having a clinking time!! … 9. I slept with something hot last night! … 10. I and my bird! … 11. Some girls work all week through and wash their smalls on a Sunday. Thank goodness I’m not one of them-well, not before next Monday! … 12. Look at me after a week here- and I came with Rheumatism too!! … 13. What becomes of a car mummy, when it really won’t go anymore? Somebody sells it to your father! … 14. Me and my gal are down here! … 15. I’m getting a good sniff of the briny down here! … 16. Me and my donkey or I’ve just been post haste to the post to post this card to you! … 17. Our handy man. Does anything for anybody. A real public convenience! … 18. It’s most confusing! Mother tells me one thing and you tell me another!

Visit the Donald McGill museum of saucy seaside postcards

Image of a jigsaw puzzle overhead shot no box visible content saucy seaside postcard images 'Seaside Antics' by Donald McGill - Falcon de luxe jigsaw puzzle

JUMBO / FALCON de luxe jigsaw puzzles

Falcon de luxe, because craftsmanship counts….

Our Falcon de luxe premium puzzle range was first introduced in the 1970’s.

Using distinctive blue backing cardboard and unique precision printing and cutting techniques, Falcon continuously brings together beautifully finished, high quality images across various themes that puzzlers have enjoyed for decades.

Designed and crafted with a passion for excellence, we pride ourselves that Falcon de luxe represents quality, heritage and unbeatable choice.

Visit the Jumbo / Falcon website

Image of a jigsaw puzzle box face-on showing images of suacy seaside postcards - Seaside Antics by Donald McGill - Falcon de luxe jigsaw puzzles

Donald McGill’s Seaside Antics, like so many of my jigsaws, was a charity shop purchase, from Dorothy House Hospice Shop in Warminster, Wiltshire, where I volunteer.

Any thoughts or comments are my own personal opinion and I am in no way being monetarily compensated for this, or any other article promoting Jumbo Falcon puzzles.

I personally do not agree with ‘rating’ a purchase, as the overall experience is all a matter of personal taste, which varies from person to person. However some review sites do demand a rating value, so when this review is posted to such a site, it will attract 5 out of 5 stars.

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