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Just A Quick Note…..For All You Agatha Christie Devotees

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This is just a quick reminder for the many Agatha Christie fans out there, that this Christmas, to celebrate David Suchet’s 21 years playing Poirot, ITV will be broadcasting  it’s adaptation of the classic Poirot case: ‘Murder On The Orient Express’, featuring David and an all-star cast.


I just picked up this Press Association release about David Suchet, (who so successfully portrays the pernickety Belgian detective), who was recently filming an accompanying d0cumentary programme aboard the ‘Orient Express’, and had to say that it made me chuckle somewhat.


Thank goodness for television recording, as both the film and the documentary, will be something that I shall have to watch at a later date, as curling up with Christmas chocolate, a nice glass of white wine and Poirot, is not my husband’s idea of a great evening in.

It looks as though the programme is due to be aired on 25th December 2010 at 9pm.

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