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Local To Me

I had decided that I might occasionally highlight any,  local to me, authors of fiction that I could track down.

No sooner had I had the thought, than I came across a suitable candidate, advertised on a flyer in my local bookshop window, in Frome, Somerset.

The advert itself, was for an event being hosted this evening, Tuesday 13th July 2010, in Frome Library, where he will be discussing the first, and soon to be released second part, of his trilogy about Nostradamus. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the event, but both the books and the author sound most interesting.

The author in question is called Mario Reading. He was born in Dorset, but raised in several European countries, before returning the University of East Anglia, where he completed two years study in Comparative Literature, specializing in French and German literature and translation, before dropping out and returning to his nomadic travels.

He writes ocassional magazine articles, has made a number of appearances on radio and television programmes both at home and abroad, became a member of MENSA and ISPE, is the author of several non-fiction titles and three  fiction novels, the third being the second part of the Nostradamus trilogy, which is to be published in August 2010.

Part one of the trilogy – “The Nostradamus Prophecies”


The Nostradamus Prophecies By Mario Reading
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Nostradamus wrote a thousand prophecies. Only 942 have survived. What happened to the missing quatrains? And what secrets did they contain to make it necessary for them to remain hidden? And why did Nostradamus leave his daughter a sealed container in his will? This mystery drives two men with very different desires. Adam Sabir is a writer desperate to revive his flagging career; Achor Bale is a member of an ancient secret society that has dedicated itself to the protection and support of the ‘Three Antichrists’ foretold in Nostradamus’s verses – Napoleon, Adolf Hitler, and the ‘one still to come’…The pair embark on a terrifying chase through the ancient Romany encampments of France in a quest to locate the missing verses.

Find out more about, the soon to be released, second part of the trilogy in ‘New Titles’

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