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Mailbox Monday … 8th August 2011


Earlier in 2011, I introduced you to Geraldine Solon, a great new voice in the world of contemporary fiction.

At that time, she had just had her debut novel in the genre, ‘Love Letters’ published, and had kindly approached me with a copy of the book and a request to read and review.

Since then, Geraldine’s writing career seems to have taken off apace, and she has spoken to me again, this time about her new book ‘Chocolicious’.

This is another storyline that seems to be written straight from the heart and I am sure will be another great hit for her.

I hope to be reading this book very shortly and my review will be available in due course.


This Title Is Available From Amazon

A week after Blair Nightingale’s husband, Larry, dies, she learns she’s about to lose everything she owns due to a foolish mistake Larry made.

In an instant, Blair’s life is transformed from rich, Silicon Valley trophy wife to poor, widowed single mom. Her only goal now is to provide for her daughter.

As Blair begins to pick up the pieces, George—Larry’s best friend and the man she truly resents—seems to always be around.

When Blair is overwhelmed by all the challenges she faces, she seeks comfort in baking rich, filled, three-layered chocolate cupcakes that her grandmother once taught her, and soon Blair’s life is changed forever.


The title and cover art on their own, are enough to make a confirmed chocoholic such as myself, want to know more.

Don’t you think that the chocolate cupcake, against the dark background, just looks so scrummy?

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I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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    • Hi Kaye,

      The simple, yet very decadent cover, certainly works for me.

      I already have a couple of projects on the go right now, so probably won’t get to start the book for a few days, but every time I switch on the PC, that cover is sat there looking at me!!

    • Hi Laurel-Rain,

      Having visited your blog many times, I also think that ‘Chocolicious’ would be a ‘you’ read.

      Stories of love lost, love found, strength and new beginnings, are almost always a pull for me and this book sounds as though it has all those things in spade loads!!!

    • Hi Kim,

      I am not quite sure that ‘Chocolicious’ is going to be quite as emotionally charged as either of your new books, but Geraldine’s books always have you reaching for the tissues at some point and her perceptive character development is always excellent.

    • Hi Diana,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving comment. It is always good to ‘meet’ new people and I love to hear everyone’s point of view about things I write.

      Geraldine’s first book touched slightly on the main protagonist reinventing herself, although was actually more about her coming of age and maturing.

      She seems to have gone a step further with ‘Chocolicious’, which is about our main character having to find the strength to reinvent her life and take up the struggle.

      I am looking forward to starting reading soon.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving comment, they are always much appreciated and love to receive them all.

      The cover is certainly alluring and very tasteful, isn’t it?

      Geraldine has a great descriptive style of writing, so I am really looking forward to starting this book.

    • Hi Jenny,

      I think that I have reached the age, where even looking at food gains me pounds!!!

      I wish I didn’t have such a sweet tooth either!!

      I am hoping that the book doesn’t go into too much detail about cakes and baking, or I shall be done for!!

    • Hi Kathy,

      Geraldine’s first book ‘Love Letters’, has proved to be a huge success for her, so I am also expecting good things from ‘Chocolicious’.

      She is great at telling the story almost as a journey through the characters lives, with the telling being as important as the starting out or the arriving.

      The fact that much of this journey seems to invlove cake, is definitely an added bonus!

    • Hi Beth,

      Judging from the reviews and books highlighted on your site, I definitely think that Geraldine’s style of writing would appeal to you. She is very perceptive in her writing and has the ability to transport you away, even if only for a short time.

      I do agree that I may need to invest in a cupcake or two, before I start reading, after all, it would be very churlish of me not to enter into the spirit of things, wouldn’t it?

    • Hi Mary,

      Thanks for stopping by, it’s great to hear from you.

      The synopsis alone, certainly leaves you with a whole load of different emotions, running through your mind, doesn’t it?

      I really need to know whether George plays any part in Blair’s future, he sounds like a real creep; there is always one of them, whenever there is a crisis situation.

    • Hi Gautami,

      I always love to receive books from authors and publishers alike, and will always try to read and review as swiftly as possible.

      It was therefore great, when I received this second request from Geraldine and saw that she had given my review of her debut novel ‘Love Letters’, a mention on her site.

      Then comes the dilemma that, as a result of these requests, I am making no inroads into my TBR pile at all, in fact it has started growing again at a rate of knots and is fast assuming a life of it’s own!!

      Oh well! I could just buy myself a cupcake as a small form of consolation and indulge as read this great sounding book!

    • Hi Mary Ann,

      I’m sure I shall enjoy this book a lot, but I shall have to avoid looking at the cover too often!!

  • I raelly want one of those cupcakes now… and to read the book! I’m not even supposed to eat cake (wheat & lactose intolerant), but I think I could manage a small one… 😀

    • Hi Nikki,

      Sorry, I didn’t realise about the intolerances, I wasn’t trying to be insensitive.

      The trouble is, cupcakes always look so good, but often don’t live up to expectations when eaten, as they can be very sickly.

      We went to an NT property in Hampshire just recently and they were holding a ‘Fairy Treasure Hunt’ for the children, in the property and grounds. We went into one room in the house and it had a table laid for tea, with plates and plates of cupcakes of every colour and design imagineable. The idea was to see if the children could count the number of cupcakes to enter a competition, but my 20 year old niece thought she had died and gone to heaven, just to see that many cupcakes in the one place!!

      It did look pretty amazing!

      I have one more project to complete before I can started on the book, but I am looking forward to it.

    • Hi Staci,

      If ‘Chocolicious’ has anything akin to the success of Gerldine’s first book, then it will certainly be a hit.

      I am desperately trying to clear the decks here, so that I can make a start on it.

      The cupcake does look delic doesn’t it? They are becoming more and more popular here in the UK, even to the point of being the latest craze for wedding cakes!!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, it was good to take part in ‘Mailbox Monday’ and to ‘meet’ you!

Written by Yvonne