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Mailbox Monday… ‘Devil’s Peak’ by Deon Meyer

This has arrived in my mailbox this week, courtesy of my father, who shares a liking for many of my  favourite authors in the crime/thriller/detective genres.

‘Devil’s Peak’ by Deon Meyer … Synopsis:

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“Under the burning heat of the South African sky, a man loses his son.

In that moment, the killer they call Artemis is born.

His victims are the guilty: the child-murderers, the paedophiles, the ones for whom even a life lived out in jail is too good.

But DI Benny Griessel knows this vigilante killer brings revenge, not justice.

Artemis must be stopped, before he makes a terrible mistake and another innocent life is lost …..”

Deon Meyer, I can’t believe that I haven’t come across this popular South African, crime fiction author before, as he has been writing prolifically since 1999, with this particular book having been translated from Afrikaans to English by K.L. Seegers. I can’t wait to get started on it….

‘Mailbox Monday’ is now on tour, with guest hosts each month. For January, your host is ‘Rose City Reader’, so head on over, leave the link to your ‘Mailbox’ page and a comment, and see what everyone else is reading, there are usually some great recommendations

Update May 8th 2011

My review of Devil’s Peak, is now available here:

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