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Mailbox Monday … March 7th 2011

My Mailbox Monday offering this week, is another author request, released to me as a PDF file.

This time, I think that the genre and storyline, is going to take me out of my normal comfort zone of the straight mystery/suspense novel, into the realms of  bizarre and dangerous religious cults, in the troubled country of Zimbabwe … a real challenge that I am looking forward to.

‘The Summoner’ a Dominic Grey novel … by… Layton Green

Synopsis provided by Amazon

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A United States diplomat disappears in front of hundreds of onlookers while attending a religious ceremony in the bushveld of Zimbabwe.

Dominic Grey, Diplomatic Security special agent, product of a violent childhood and a worn passport, is assigned to investigate. Aiding the investigation is Professor Viktor Radek, religious phenomenologist and expert on cults, and Nya Mashumba, the local government liaison.

What Grey uncovers is a terrifying cult older than Western civilization, the harsh underbelly of a country in despair, a priest seemingly able to perform impossibilities, and the identity of the newest target.

The first work in a globe-hopping series whose protagonists investigate the world’s most bizarre and dangerous cults, The Summoner is a stylish, haunting novel of mystery and suspense that will linger long after the last page is turned. 95,000 words.

About The Author

Layton Green is a prolific traveller, having visited more than fifty countries and lived in several of them, although at the present time, he is settled with his family in Miami, Florida, USA.

During his travels, Layton has held down a number of diverse and varying jobs, although he is a qualified and once practicing attorney, having attended law school in New Orleans.

With his love of all things spiritual and supernatural, his deep interest of religion and cults, together with his passion for Japanese Jujitsu, it is quite easy to see where Layton found his inspiration for his character ‘Diminic Grey’ and the genre in which Dominic’s adventures will be set.

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    • Hello Diane,

      Thanks for stopping by today.

      This will certainly be a challenging book for me to engage with, but I am quite looking forward to it.

    • Hi Kathy,

      Thanks for stopping by, it’s appreciated.

      I’m expecting good things from this book, having read the synopsis and some sample extracts.

      I am expecting a pretty challenging, if not disturbing read, that will need great concentration to do it justice.

    • Hello Mystica,

      Thanks for visiting today.

      Scary and mysterious are probably both very appropriate words to describe this book.

      Layton has some sample reading from several chapters, available on his website and after reading just a couple of extracts, I felt that I needed to know more, but was apprehensive about what might be revealed if I did!!

    • Hi Majanka,

      Thanks so much for commenting today.

      It does sound like a fairly scary and quite unnerving read.

      Layton is really going for it, with his new character. let’s hope that it is the first of many adventures for Dominic Grey.

      Funny that you should comment on the cover, I really can’t make up my mind about it and reading the reviews that ‘The Summoner’ has had so far, the cover has come in for some pretty divided opinion.

Written by Yvonne