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Mailbox Monday – November 8th 2010

Both my ‘Mailbox Monday’ offerings this week are books that I have purchased, given to my father to read and which have now come back to me to be read. He is of the opinion that both are good stories, so I am looking forward to adding them to my TBR pile.

It is also good to note, that both of these books have introduced female officers into the lead role of crime detection.

The synopses words are taken from the covers of each book

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‘Eyeshot’ a Senora Blair investigation – by Lynn S. Hightower

Young mother of two Julia Winchell witnessed a murder before she died. Eight years before she died.

A murder unsolved but not forgotten. A murder where the body disappeared and no one believed her story.

When Julie returns to Cincinnati, she recognises the killer on the front page of the local paper.

Then Julia disappears. Shortly afterwards her severed leg is found alongside the interstate highway in Kentucky.

A mother of two herself, Detective Sonora Blair is determined to find out what happened to Julia Winchell – and to bring her killer to justice….

Update 30/04/2011

Having read ‘Eyeshot’, my full thoughts about the book can be found here



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‘Present Danger’ – by Stella Rimington (former head of MI5)

When MI5 officer Liz Carlyle arrives in Belfast, danger immediately follows – she quickly learns that the peace process in the province is precarious.

Liz suspects The Fraternity to be a front for renegade IRA men. Also it looks as though a plot is being hatched against the security forces.

Liz and her colleague Dave Armstrong believe that a former French intelligence officer is involved.

But during their investigations, Dave goes missing. Liz fears the worst, especially when she discovers that the obvious suspects have all disappeared……

Mailbox Monday was originally hosted at The Printed Page, but now it is going on tour so for November it is being hosted at Knitting and Sundries. Head over there to share your links, or to see what everyone else has posted about this week.

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  • Hi Mary,

    I love crime fiction, my favourite genre.

    There are so many great authors in the genre, that it would be difficult to choose a favourite.

  • Hi Amused,

    I have not read either of these authors before, so I will be interested in their styles of writing and how they handle the genre.

    My father always insists that women crime authors always write for women readers, but I am not sure how he comes to that conclusion with the likes of Patricia Cornwell and Tess Gerritsen.

  • Hello Julie,

    I do find that there are increasing numbers of female leads, but I also think that is directly related to the increase in the number of female authors entering this genre.

    Some of the female authors are stronger than others, hence my comment above to ‘Amused’. Cornwell and Gerritsen are both particularly strong women authors, with strong lead characters.

    I think that one of the weakest female authors that I have read in the genre, is Carol Smith. The female characters in the book were not particularly strong and the storyline not very ‘punchy’, kind of bore out my father’s comments about female authors writing for a female audience really


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