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Mailbox Monday – October 18th 2010

Here are my meagre offerings for this week’s Mailbox Monday, mind you, once they are added to my already groaning TBR pile, I won’t be saying that!!

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Synopsis Comes From The Book

September 7th, 1940.

The Isle of Dogs, heart of London’s docklands, suffers the first terrible night of a nine-month blitz.

But amidst the death and destruction shines a ray of hope when young Connie Marsh finds an orphaned baby boy amongst the rubble. She also finds herself falling in love with handsome Vic Champion, the man who helped her rescue the child they’ve named Lucky.

But Connie’s happiness is not to last. When his call-up papers arrive, Vic leaves for the Navy – and Connie knows she might never see him again. She’s in danger of losing Lucky too when a sinister figure emerges, claiming to be the boy’s grandfather.

Will she turn for comfort to Clint Hershey, the dashing GI who makes no secret of his admiration for her? Will she stay true to Vic, the man she really loves?

A compelling tale of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary times, ‘Connie Of Kettle Street’ brings the unquenchable East End spirit to vivd and memorable life.

This book was given to me by my mother-in-law, who enjoyed it.

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Synopsis comes from the book

Moving from a North Wales castle to a cottage in a mining village and then to a farmhouse on the Norfolk marshes, ‘Family Feeling’ is the story of three young people whose fates are bound together in strange and unfathomable ways.

Got Tegydd is the third daughter of propertied parents who longed for a son.

Hywel Fletcher was born the day his father was killed in the pit, and is bitterly resented by his mother.

Huw Pettigrew is the much-loved and hard-working eldest child in a respected farming family.

Dot and Hywel dream of a contented future caring for their land, while Huw’s dreams are more like nightmares… Yet when tragedy strikes it is Huw’s vision which brings the three together and gives each of them, in the end, their heart’s desire.

This book was a charity shop find, from a prolific author, I first read and enjoyed many years ago.

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I can’t remember a time, even as a child, when I haven’t been passionate about books and reading.
I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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  • Hi Cathy,

    I’m a little like you, I have very eclectic reading tastes and my book shelves are a complete mix n’ match of titles and authors.

    The general fiction/romance novels are quite a light reading in between the more serious crime thrillers, which I really enjoy.

  • Hi Mary,

    Yes it does, doesn’t it?

    I have more or less decided that I will read this saga next.

    Judith Saxton, the author (AKA Katie Flynn), was born in Norfolk and now lives in North Wales. As two sections of the book relate directly to those areas, I guess that the whole thing will have been quite well researched, so should be a good read.

  • Thanks for hosting. I love all these different memes, they are a great way of getting to meet new people.

    I am just about to start reading ‘Family Feeling’ , so will post my thoughts about it, in due course.

    I’m off now to make a nice mug of coffee to go along with the book, thanks for stopping by.

Written by Yvonne