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Mailbox Monday With A Difference … February 7th 2011

A Great Opportunity To Review A New Writing Talent…

After my recent oppotunity to read and express my thoughts about ‘A Dead Man’s Debt’, a historical romantic fiction book, from talented new British author,  Grace Elliot, a second great offer has come my way this week.

Geraldine Solon, is a contemporary, romantic fiction author from the San Francisco Bay area, of the USA. She has already written and had published three books for children, now ‘Love Letters’ is her debut novel in the contemporary, romantic fiction genre.

Geraldine read the article that I posted about Grace’s book and contacted me to inquire whether I would consider reading and reviewing ‘Love Letters’.

I am only too happy to agree to Geraldine’s request, as I think it is great to be able to help new authors gain a foothold in a very competitive marketplace and romantic fiction is a genre that I do read regularly, if not frequently.

This Title Is Available From Amazon


Bridal shop manager Chloe Rogers will soon marry Richard Foster—so she thinks—until suddenly, she bumps into her childhood sweetheart, Josh Goldman, whom she hasn’t seen in thirteen years. The sparks between Chloe and Josh fly, but Richard provides safety, financial security. Should she follow her heart or her head? The answer comes in a surprise twist. While cleaning her attic, she stumbles upon love letters written to her estranged mother forty years ago from a man she loved. When Chloe secretly brings them together again and sees how much time they’ve lost, she is challenged not to make the same mistake her mother made. Will Chloe opt for security or will she risk her heart and marry her true love?

It is also very reassuring to know that my blog is achieving some positive traction, after such a relatively short period of time and my thanks goes to both Grace and Geraldine for trusting me with their debut novels.

I have already received the PDF file and will be looking forward to reading the book, just as soon as my current novel Remembrance Day, is finished.

‘Mailbox Monday’ is now on tour, with guest hosts each month. For January, your hosts are Laura and Sandra at ‘Library Of Clean Reads’, so head on over, leave the link to your ‘Mailbox’ page and a comment, and see what everyone else is reading, there are usually some great recommendations

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I can’t remember a time, even as a child, when I haven’t been passionate about books and reading.
I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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  • Hi Yvonne! Love Letters sounds great. I hope you enjoy it. I loved reading Les Miserables in French when I was in high school and the stage show was fantasic. Thanks for becoming a follower.

  • Hi Laura,

    I haven’t actually started on ‘Love Letters’ yet, but it sounds like a great debut novel for Geraldine.

    We have seen the stage show of ‘Les Miserables’ so many times I have lost count, but it never fails to thrill and sadden every time. I have never read the book, I wonder if I would find it a disappointment after seeing the show so often?

  • This sounds like a wonderful book; can’t wait to see what you think of it. It’s always gratifying when authors, publicists, and publishers contact for a review; it just lets you know that someone is valuing what you think (and comments help a lot with that too!) Enjoy!

  • Hi Laurel-Rain,

    I agree that the cover is particularly well planned and looks good, although at the moment the book is only available as a download.

    I have glanced at the first couple of pages and it looks good, so I am looking forward to getting stuck into it this week.

  • Hi Violet,

    ‘Love Letters’ is sure to be a good light-hearted read after the more intense and emotional feelings that my latest book has left me with.

  • Hi Julie,

    I am sure I shall enjoy ‘Love Letters’, even more so knowing that Geraldine was kind enough to think of me, when deciding to put her book out for review.

    As I am quite new to the blogging scene, it was a great surprise to know that my site had attracted some attention in such a positive way.

    I always love receiving comments, which I try to respond to on an individual basis. I also enjoy visiting all the sites of people who have left comments in return, thereby making many new friends from all over the world and needless to say, got more great recommendations than I can ever hope to read in a life-time.

  • Hello RAnn,

    I’m sure I shall enjoy ‘Love Letters’. I like an eclectic mix of books, from many different genres and it isn’t often that I come across a book that I don’t enjoy.

    I would love to be able to write with the same enthusiasm as I read, but the ideas stay firmly locked inside my head. I therefore have sincere admiration for anyone who is brave enough to put pen to paper and then go to publishing.

  • Hi Mystica,

    It’s certainly great to be asked to review by an author, so that in itself will ensure that I enjoy the book all the more.

  • Hello Marjanka,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing mailboxes.

    It’s always interesting to read an author’s first novel and then to follow them and see how their writing progresses or changes over time.

    The cover art has been well thought out and looks good, which is always important, when it’s on the shelves in a bookstore.

  • Hi Mary,

    My ‘wish list’ is now getting to be as big as my TBR mountain, but you all keep making such great recommendations, that I just can’t stop buying!

    I am looking forward to reading and reviewing Geraldine’s book, although I am a little behind in my reviews and need to do some catching up pretty quickly.

  • Hi Lady Q,

    Unfortunately keeping up the good work is getting more and more difficult, as I am quite a way behind in my reviews and posts and need just a few more hours in the day to catch up (about double to 48 hours in a day should do it)!

    Enjoying the reading is not nearly so difficult, so I hope to make a start on Geraldine’s book this week, or she will have written the next one by the time I get the review across to her!

  • Sounds like a good read.

    Well done, you’re obviously getting some good exposure when you’ve got authors asking you to read their books. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

  • Hi Nikki-Ann,

    I was amazed to get a direct e-mail from Geraldine, after she had left comments for Grace Elliot on my site.

    It’s a real compliment to be asked for a review, let’s just hope I can do it justice, although it will always only ever be my personal opinion, be that good, bad or indifferent. I do generally try to highlight the positive aspects of a book, whilst commenting on the not so positive.

  • Hi Leslie,

    ‘Love Letters’ is a light contemporary romantic fiction, just what I need right now.

    I have plenty of more serious, intense books that are calling to me from my TBR pile, but I can’t get motivated to get into them right now.

    Focusing my mind on doing a fair and honest review for Geraldine will probably do me the world of good.

  • Wow Yvonne! I was so thrilled to read comments from your followers and readers. Your support means a lot to me and I’m glad to hear that your blog is receiving positive reviews. I’m excited to read your review when you’re ready. Thank you so much for time and support. You made my day! 🙂

  • Hi Wendi,

    I am sure that ‘Love Letters’ will have plenty of emotional twists and turns along the way, but will it all end happily ever after?

  • Hi Geraldine,

    The book does seem to be getting some good support so far, with popular affirmation of the cover art choice.

    I hope to get started on ‘Love Letters’ this week, work committments not withstanding.

    Thanks for following my blog, now you can see the power of having a comments facillity, it really does give you a boost when you receive them.

    Take Care

Written by Yvonne