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Secret Sunday

I was being a good daughter and wife yesterday, when we made our monthly trip to visit parents.

I diligently parceled up seven books to take with us, to replenish my father’s  modest reading supplies, whilst relieving the burden on my TBR shelves.

Oh dear! The parcel was gratefully received, but then father reappears with a similar sized bag of his own, containing a selection of books he had finished and thought I might like to read.

The only consolation for my long suffering husband, was that my father’s bag also contained seven books, so that overall, there was no nett gain for me, whew!!!

The only problem is, that three of my newly acquired collection are hardcovers and therefore much more difficult and bulky to store, my secret storage areas are disappearing fast!

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Detective Inspector Alan Banks’s relationship with Chief Constable Riddle has always been strained. So Banks is more than a little surprised when Riddle summons him late one night and begs for his help.

For Riddle, Banks’s new case is terrifyinglyclose to home. Six months ago his sixteen-year-old daughter ran away to London, where she has fallen into a turbulent world of drugs and pornography.

With his reputation threatened, Riddle wants Banks to use his unorthodox methods to find her without fuss. But before he knows it, Banks is investigating murder ….

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Near the village of Helmthorpe, Swainsdale, the body of a well-liked local historian is found half-buried under a drystone wall. Steadman has been brutally murdered. But who would want to kill such a thoughtful, dedicated man?

Chief Inspector Alan Banks is called in to investigate and soon discovers that disturbing secrets lie behind the apparently bucolic facade. It is clear that young Sally Lumg, locked in her lover’s arms on the night of the murder, knows more than she is letting on. And her knowledge could lead to danger ….

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When Alan Banks receives a mysterious and disturbing telephone call from his brother Roy, he abandons the peaceful Yorkshire Dales for the bright lights of London to search him out. But Roy has vanished into thin air, and now Banks fears this could have been their final conversation.

Meanwhile DI Anni Cabbot is called to a murder scene on a quiet stretch of road just outside Eastvale. A young woman has been found dead in her car…. and in the back pocket of her jeans, written on a slip of paper, police discover Banks’s name and address.

It seems that both trails are leading towards frightening conclusions. But when the cases begin to intersect, the consequences for Banks and Annie become terrifying…

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In the early hours of a cold January morning, two narrow boats catch fire on the dead-end stretch of the Eastvale Canal. When signs of accelerant are found at the scene, DCI Banks and DI Cabbot are summoned. But by the time they arrive only the smouldering wreckage is left, and human remains have been found on both boats.

The evidence points towards a deliberate attack. But who was the intended victim? Was it Tina, the sixteen-year-old who had been living a drug-fuelled existence with her boyfriend? Or was it Tom, the mysterious, lonely artist?

That’s just a selection of the goodies I have to read, and the others sound just as wholesome and riveting:

‘Blind Fury’ – by Lynda La Plante

‘The Devil’s Garden’ – by Richard Montanari

‘I’m Watching You‘ – by Mary Burton

I have to admit that detective thrillers/crime thrillers are by far my favourite genre,

If I was left to my own devices, the television would continually be tuned to the ‘Alibi’ channel, where they show the re-runs of all the detective series, almost non-stop.

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I can’t remember a time, even as a child, when I haven’t been passionate about books and reading.
I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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