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The Crime Writers’ Association Dagger Awards – CWA Dagger In The Library Award 2010

The CWA Dagger Awards are the longest established literary awards in the UK and celebrate the best in crime writing.

The CWA was founded in 1953, by John Creasey MBE, a prolific crime writer, who passed away in 1973.

In 2010, the CWA, is currently chaired by Tom Harper, a successful author, best known for his historical novels

Only British publishers can submit entries for the awards, although it is possible for a single entry to win an award in more than one category, as the same book can be submitted in any and all relevant categories. Any submissions must have been published in English and in the UK, within a defined period of time.


Winner: – Diana Norman (AKA) Ariana Franklin

Authors for this annual award, are nominated by UK libraries and readers’ groups, with judging by a panel of librarians. It is awarded to, “the author of crime fiction, whose work is currently giving the greatest enjoyment to library users”.

The award carries  £1,500 in individual prize money for the author, together with a £300 cash prize for a participating library’s readers’ group

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‘A murderous Procession’ is the author’s latest book.


Adelia is back in this thrilling fourth installment of the Mistress of the Art of Death series

In 1176, King Henry II sends his ten-year-old daughter, Joanna, to Palermo to marry William II of Sicily. War on the Continent and outbreaks of plague make it an especially dangerous journey, so the king selects as his daughter’s companion the woman he trusts most: Adelia Aguilar, his mistress of the art of death. As a medical doctor and native of Sicily, it will be Adelia’s job to travel with the princess and safeguarding her health until the wedding.

Adelia wants to refuse—accompanying the royal procession means leaving behind her nine-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, Henry has arranged for the girl to live at court, both as a royal ward and as a hostage to ensure that Adelia will return to the king’s service. So Adelia sets off for a yearlong royal procession. Accompanying her on the journey are her Arab companion, Mansur, her lover, Rowley, and an unusual newcomer: the Irish sea captain O’Donnell, who may prove more useful to Adelia than Rowley would like.

But another man has joined the procession—a murderer bent on the worst kind of revenge. When people in the princess’s household begin to die, Adelia and Rowley suspect that the killer is hiding in plain sight. Is his intended victim the princess . . . or Adelia herself?

Brief Author Bio.

Diana Norman (AKA) Ariana Franklin, was born in London, but raised in Torquay, Devon, by her mother and maternal grandparents.

Daughter of a journalist father, aged just 20, she became the youngest reporter on Fleet Street, at that time.

After marrying film critic Barry Norman, she settled with him and their two daughters, in Hertfordshire. She became a freelance journalist and author of several biographies and historical novels.

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