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‘The Dog Walker’ By Lesley Thomson

Prologue – January 1987

On a hot summer’s day the Thames towpath between Kew Bridge and Mortlake Crematorium is stippled with sunlight spilling through willow fronds and shading oaks. Birdsong twitters above the rumble of a District line train crossing Kew Railway Bridge. Although, in London, the leafy towpath resembles a pastoral idyll. Cyclists weave around strolling couples and families straggling with scooters and pushchairs.

In deepest, darkest winter, lamplight from the north bank is absorbed in the black waters and only joggers and dog walkers brave the towpath.

Chapter 1 – Monday 4th January 2016

Stella Darnell headed smartly along Shepherd’s Bush Green, trim in  a green waxed jacket, wool-lined collar zipped to her chin against the searing wind, flat-soled black-leather ankle boots clipping on the frosty pavement, a styled pixie bob framing a lightly made-up complexion. A leather rucksack on one shoulder. A diminutive apricot poodle, shaggy and unstyled, ‘Crufts-trotted’ at her heel.

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    • Hi Mary,

      If I disclose that a long ago, unsolved disappearance, is at the heart of this story, I don’t think I would be giving too much away, as that is pretty much revealed in the book’s premise.

      Maybe not as ruthless as some of the psychological thrillers I have read and enjoyed, but you can’t beat a good murder mystery from time to time.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and ‘Happy Reading’ 🙂

  • Being the dog person that I am, I had to look up the expression “Crufts-trotted”. While I didn’t find that exactly, I gather it’s related to a big dog show you have there, much like our Westminster show here. I’m imagining the dog moving as if being led around the ring.

    It does sound interesting, but probably not one to be read as a stand-alone based on what you replied to my comment in your last post about this book.

    • Hi Kelly,

      Yes Indeed! ‘Crufts’ is a annual dog show, which having checked out a video clip, is almost identical in format to your own ‘Westminster’ show.

      Whenever we watch a dog show, whether it be a massive event like ‘Crufts’ on the television, or the dog show at a local fete, I can never help but smile when I recall the old adage that dogs look like their owners, especially when it is so often the case! (present compant excepted of course 🙂 )

      Just to illustrate the point …

      I have been able to check out the latest reviews for the books in this series and the unanimous decision seems to favour that the books can be read quite happily as stand alone stories, although the first book does tend to bring the characters together and to life, however careful reading of the full premise appears to offer enough information to get you informed and started.

      I am looking forward to hosting my spot on Lesley’s virtual blog tour on April 30th. Her guest post copy has literally just hit my in box, so I can’t wait to get started reading.

      Enjoy your reading this weekend 🙂

Written by Yvonne