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‘The Ludicrous Library’
by Colin Thompson
Ravensburger Puzzles

Image of completed jigsaw vase of purple flowers featured image




As happens from time to time, I am making a short diversion away from the ‘bookish’ posts you will usually find here, to share one of my other pastimes with you.

Yes! I am a not so secret dissectologist! or someone who enjoys jigsaw puzzle assembly.

Image of the jigsaw puzzle 'The Ludicrous Library' by Colin Thompson & Ravensburger Puzzles

Clicking on this Amazon link will allow you to magnify individual montages, for a closer look at the images and book titles.


Image of the jigsaw puzzle 'The Ludicrous Library' by Colin Thompson & Ravensburger Puzzles“Many people consider libraries to be dull, boring places, despite the fantastic tales just waiting to be discovered on the crowded shelves. But enter The Ludicrous Library and you’ll find a curious place that appears to have been inspired by Dutch graphic artist, Escher, with impossible stairways, curious creatures and fantasy worlds.”

The Ludicrous Library went together like a dream, which is no less than I would have expected from a quality Ravensburger jigsaw, although there were one or two quite tricky, almost sneaky images, which had me scratching my head!

I know that I haven’t worked on this puzzle on anything like a regular basis, however when I totted up the total time I had actually taken to complete it, I was staggered at just how long I had managed to drag out a 500 piece jigsaw for!!

Still, it was great fun and those pesky little creatures certainly went out of their way to confuse me.


Image of author and artist Colin ThompsonColin Thompson’s unique work is packed with fun and intrigue, objects and events, as can be seen in his hugely popular puzzle designs.

He is also a well known children’s author and illustrator, with many published picture books, collections of poetry and novels to his name.

Colin’s life story is unique, interesting and very personally told, so to attempt a ‘potted’ version here, I would never be able to do justice to the person and his amazing talent.

You really should visit Colin’s website and be prepared to be dazzled and amazed at some of the vivid imagery and fantastic imagination, which leaps off the page at you. I’ll leave a link to the front page , so that you can explore at your leisure, and another to the jigsaw page, where if you scroll down (be sure not to miss anything on the way!), you’ll get to the mammoth 18,000 piece Shelf Life jigsaw. Of course you should also check out that all important biography page!


Ravensburger AG is an international group with a long tradition and solid values. Its mission is “Playful Development”. The company’s most important brand mark is the blue triangle, which stands for fun, education, and togetherness. Ravensburger is one of the leading brands for puzzles, games, and activity products in Europe as well as for children’s and youth books in the German-speaking region. Toys with the blue triangle are sold worldwide, and the international brands BRIO and ThinkFun supplement the Group’s portfolio.

“When one piece fits into the other and gradually a new world emerges in your hands – this is what makes puzzle fans’ hearts beat more strongly! And this has been the case with Ravensburger puzzles since 1891.

From the very beginning, our goal was to manufacture puzzles in the very highest quality. And nothings has changed since then. Today, Ravensburger is the market leader when it comes to diversity and quality. And this is going to stay that way in the future! So that all puzzle fans find right challenge and the appropriate scene they desire.”

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Image of the jigsaw puzzle 'The Ludicrous Library' by Colin Thompson & Ravensburger Puzzles

The Ludicrous Library, like so many of my jigsaws, was a charity shop purchase, from Dorothy House Hospice shop in Warminster, Wiltshire, where I volunteer.

Any thoughts or comments are my own personal opinion and I am in no way being monetarily compensated for this, or any other article promoting either Ravensburger Puzzles, or the artist.

I personally do not agree with ‘rating’ a purchase, as the overall experience is all a matter of personal taste, which varies from person to person. However some review sites do demand a rating value, so when this review is posted to such a site, it will attract 5 out of 5 stars.


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I can’t remember a time, even as a child, when I haven’t been passionate about books and reading.
I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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  • Absolutely wonderful, I do love Colin Thompson’s artwork for jigsaw puzzles (not sure if he does them especially for the puzzle world or what). Well done on completeling it, Yvonne!

    And a Happy Easter to you too. It’s going to be a strange one but we’ll get through this.

    • Hi Cath,

      I too, really enjoy the range of jigsaw art that Colin has created for Ravensburger, although I also like the graphic artwork of his inspiration, Escher.

      Colin’s website is a showcase for his undoubted talent right across the media spectrum, although having trawled all the pages before including the links in this post, I did notice that none of the pages have been updated for some time, leading me to think that he might have now retired!

      I have the puzzle bug right now, so I am making the most of it!

      I’m sure we will get through this, but what life will be like on the other side, who knows?

      Take Care and enjoy your virtual Easter 🙂

  • What an amazing puzzle, Yvonne! I ordered two Ravensburger puzzles yesterday and should receive the first in a week. They are sold out almost anywhere I’ve looked so I was happy to find two. I don’t think either will be as challenging as the one you’ve shown here. Now I’m off to check out the links you included.
    Happy Easter!

    • Hi Mary,

      Jigsaw puzzles are like gold dust right now, although I have quite a stash which I have purchased from my charity shop over the months and indeed years!

      As they are obviously used, there is always the risk of missing pieces, so I am quite selective in my choices and of course, during the course of my twenty years volunteering, I have got to know my regular donators of quality stock!

      I’m not one for making the ‘chocolate box’ images of the traditional jigsaw, preferring something a little more colourful and retro. so Colin’s images for Ravensburger suit me just fine. Gibsons is another quality manufacturer I use quite regularly.

      Enjoy your virtual Easter and Stay Safe 🙂

    • Hi Kelly,

      I don’t generally do 500 piece puzzles, however I couldn’t resist this one because of the subject matter.

      I think one of our fellow puzzlers has featured an Escher jigsaw before, although I have never made one myself. I confined myself to checking out the artists graphic drawings, which are mesmerising in themselves.

      I do love those little mini puzzles which you featured in your linked post and they are really quite popular. I think they would make a great way of transitioning children from making the larger piece jigsaws, into being able to work an adult puzzle.

      This one is altogether much more user friendly, it’s just that I made particularly hard work out of finishing it!

      Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your virtual Easter and take care 🙂

    • Hi Naida,

      The days are just blurring into one right now and I have a hard time remembering which day of the week it is sometimes. I have tried to keep to some kind of routine and the lovely weather has certainly helped.

      We managed to get some garden supplies delivered before the lockdown began, so have been working on a couple of small projects, but it looks as though hubbie will now be getting a computer from his government department, so that he can work from home, so that will change things again, as he will be locked in his home office all day and I shall be spending the days on my own.

      I enjoy these montage style jigsaws and always keep my eye open for any ‘bookish’ ones. This was only a 500 piece puzzle, but it was quite tricky to do. I have quite a good supply to last me for a few more weeks of lockdown.

      I hope that you are all staying safe and well 🙂

Written by Yvonne