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Childhood Memories Nostalgic Britain
‘John Bull Magazine’ by Ravensburger

The image logo for the 'Sunday Salon' memeWhen I am not busy volunteering, reading, knitting, crocheting or blogging, I occasionally take time out to indulge in one of my other hobbies …. Jigsaw Puzzles.

As you may have gathered, many of my hobbies are quiet and solitary and I find that jigsaws can be very therapeutic and relaxing, unless of course I cannot find the right piece, then look out!!!

I don’t start a jigsaw puzzle very often, as I tend to become totally addicted and what starts out as just adding a couple of pieces, or working on it for five minutes, ends up in a marathon session as I lose all track of time.

I am not a fan of the roll-up jigsaw mats and instead have a very sturdy board, with two front flaps that open, funnily enough, like a book! The board is designed to take a 1500 piece jigsaw, but I generally stick to a more modest 1000 pieces.

When in use, the board will sit quite comfortably on one third of our dining table, but when not in service, or when we have visitors and need to use the table, it JUST slides rather conveniently under the bed out of sight.

Mr.G professes that he is not interested in this particular hobby, as to his way of thinking, making something up to then destroy it and return it to it’s box, is something of a waste of time. However, he has been caught on occasion, with the board open and jigsaw piece in hand, so he is not quite as phobic about it as he would have me believe.

I used to enjoy making, and don’t get me wrong, still do on occasion, the traditional ‘chocolate box’ image of the country cottage. Lately however, I have become more drawn towards the ‘nostalgia’ jigsaws, predominantly distributed by Ravensburger or Gibsons. There is much more going on in the picture, with more ‘action’content, diverse pictorial images, accompanied very often by text and generally more variance in colouration.

As with my books, I am generally a skinflint and purchase my jigsaw puzzles from one of my local charity shops. However they become available rarely and of course, if they are not still newly packaged, it is unknown if they are complete. That does not seem to worry everyone, but to me having a piece missing, is akin to having a book with a page removed! although I am usually willing to accept that risk and so far, I have been very lucky!

It may be some time before I feel the urge to start another jigsaw, but as with my books, I have a ‘To Be Done’ pile, all ready and waiting!!


Box Image Ravensburger John Bull Jigsaw Puzzle

.John Bull Magazine was published in the UK from the late 1940s until the early 1960s The cover artwork epitomised British life of the time and formed a visual social history of the way we lived With its themes of everyday family life John Bull captured so beautifully the essence of 1950s middle England Includes in box leaflet with additional information about the images Finished Puzzle Size 49 7 x 69 9 cm Made from premium grade cardboard made specially for Ravensburger

Aargh, those good old days when we could run around carelessly and be children, playing conkers, discovering some uncovered truths in hidden books and whisper behind the curtain of the nativity play. The innocence of our childhood memories is beautifully captured on this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, using nostalgic John Bull book covers. Ravensburger puzzles guarantee a 100% interlocking mechanism for the world’s most optimal fit of individually formed puzzle pieces, resulting in an absolutely smooth puzzle. The new hand-crafted cutting tools ensure a supreme fit. We only use premium grade cardboard, which is made especially for Ravensburger.

My Thoughts About This Jigsaw Puzzle

The images which make up this jigsaw puzzle, are all reproductions of the front covers from the ‘John Bull’ magazine, which was published from the 1940’s, through to the early 1960’s. As I was only a very young child at the time publication ceased, this ‘walk down memory lane’, is a little before my time.

Having checked out the John Bull website, I am not sure that Ravensburger have chosen the most diverse, colourful, or interesting of the cover images, which would appear to have been available to them.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the challenge of the many areas of similar colour and found the overlapping arrangement of the images to be an interesting experience.

As alway with a Ravensburger product, the quality of the pieces can be almost guaranteed, assuring a finished piece which fits together snuggly and makes for a smooth and quality, completed picture.

I decided to post this short product review on Amazon.co.uk and as always with this site, I was compelled to give the jigsaw a star rating, so I have awarded it 4 stars. This product is part of my personal collection, bought and paid for by myself and I have not been asked, nor received any payment for a review.

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