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New On The Shelf At Fiction Books This Week

Picture of an English red post boxMailbox Monday is a gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house during the last week. Be warned that Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.

Mailbox Monday now has a permanent home, where links may be added each week. So why not stop by, leave a link to your own Mailbox Monday post, oh! and don’t forget to leave a comment for our three new joint administrators, after all, we all like to receive them … ‘Mailbox Monday’

Leslie of ‘Under My Apple Tree’

Serena of ‘Savvy Verse & Wit’

Vicki of ‘I’d Rather Be At The Beach’

This is a great way to plan out your reading week and see what others are currently reading as well… you never know where that next “must read” book will come from!


I love the whole ethos of this potentially very moving fictional story, based as it is on a series of all too real and very emotional events in the author’s life. I think that it is very unique and very brave of Donna, rather than write a conventional biography as a memory to her lovely daughter, to turn events into a series of fictional stories featuring Emma as the main protagonist.

I am so looking forward to reading ‘Tomorrow Comes’ and I am hoping that Donna is going to agree to doing me the honour of contributing a guest post, in the not too distant future.


It’s ‘an Emma Story’ and heaven only knows what tomorrow will bring …

Emma – a popular, spirited 19-year-old on the threshold of her dreams – dies in her sleep, from no known cause. The family grieves, the community mourns, but tomorrow comes, and Emma awakens in a place she calls AFTER. While it looks a lot like the Midwest hometown she knew BEFORE, she finds that it is … really different. She is no expert at first but soon discovers she can communicate with loved ones and helps steer them to a better place. But she does encounter challenges in just being herself in AFTER.

This is a book about the importance of being connected. It is also a book about love, hope, and family – our best tools for working through life’s most difficult circumstances. Above all, ‘Tomorrow Comes’, is a spellbinding story about Emma – a fun-loving young woman who, with confidence and flair, is determined to embrace the heart of life, even as her own transforms, and to act on her instincts to do the right thing.


Picture Of Author Donna MebaneDonna is author of the acclaimed new work ‘Tomorrow Comes: An Emma Story’.

The publication of this, her first novel, follows years of composition in the form of poems, short stories, and other narratives.

Much of Donna’s work has centred on the beguiling complexities of family relationships, and she is recognized for her sensitivity in developing strong characters through contemporary, colloquial dialogue.

In addition to her creative work, Donna has authored countless business reports, white papers, leadership presentations, training scripts and guides, and miscellaneous other communications.

She is a modern renaissance woman. Born in Pennslyvania, Donna became a globetrotter at an early age, as the daughter of a U.S. Navy Commander. After earning a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Rhode Island, Donna’s professional trajectory carried her to Princeton, where she was an educator and researcher; to Dallas, where she was a lights-out business developer in educational technology; and so, to Chicago, where she has been a senior learning and talent management leader in the financial services industry.

It is in Geneva, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, where Donna lives with her husband, Rod and daughter, Sarah. Son Ben also lives in Geneva, whilst son Jason lives in Seattle. Daughter Emma is always close in spirit.

Donna is currently working on a ‘Tomorrow Comes’ sequel, with the working title, ‘Tomorrow Matters’.

Catch up with Donna over at Starshine Galaxy.

I can’t wait to discover all your own great new finds this week … so please stop by and share your link, so that I can visit your post.


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