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” Porcelain Doll” – ‘Mandy’s Bedroom And Hallway’ – A Guest Post By Zola Blue

Whilst I am unable to accept each and every review request offered to me, it is always good to be able to highlight and feature new talent in the fiction writing space, especially when such an eye-catching cover lures me in immediately.

This promotional guest post was initiated after direct contact made by the book’s publishers ‘Austin Macauley’, their representative Marketing Coordinator, Francesca Poggi.

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Experience life through the eyes of a young woman born into privilege and wealth. Mandy Maison has every reason to be happy growing up; delicate, talented, and beautiful, she is like a porcelain doll with all of its oddities.

When her father, the only man who could hold her to any type of self-restraint, suddenly dies; Mandy feels loss and disconnects from her life. Later, enchantment with the master/mistress and submissive life style, she perfects her submission. Weary of being only a submissive, she seeks to obtain the position of mistress of the castle; her impatience and manipulations causes her to lose that dream.

Returning home, she finds out things are not as when she left and unsuspected circumstances leads to a life and death struggle with a serial killer. Able to escape, she is reunited with those she love, and realizes God has given her a second chance.

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Updated Image Of Author Zola BlueI was born in Fort Myers Florida and I have a BA in Psychology, and Masters in Business, to my name.

I embrace my time in the US military, my extensive travel and many years of experience in the insurance industry, as it has allowed me to tailor my stories to some of the experiences in my own life, helping to create realistic and emotional stories.

Currently married, I live with my husband, two dogs, and my mother. When I am not writing I study and spend time reading the bible, I am also a gamer and an avid reader of horror books.

Knowing that my God is alive and with me all day, gives me strength, because over the last few years, just the thought of facing another day was daunting. Now I write and tell stories, which allow me to immerse myself into them, I experience a new adventure each day.

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An important location in the story, Mandy experiences many mood swings and discussions with her friends in this area. Her bedroom, created from my imagination, is a conception of elegance and wealth, from the special wood, delicate fabrics, and expensive flooring. Celebrating my love for ballet and the graceful movements of the dance, Mandy is an excellent dancer and her love for the art, I express within the decor of her private sanctuary.

Pink ivory wood beautifying her bedroom’s walls and floor, an exotic natural blush coloring, its enchanting hues creates a space of relaxation and comfort in elegance and beauty. From the pink wood decorating the furniture, to her elegant canopy bed, everything in the room reeks of refinement, sophistication and excessive wealth beyond that comprehensible to most.

The bed frame’s striking appearance resembling the design of a princess motif, specially built by a prominent cabinet-maker in West Sussex  known for his unique, elegant cabinetry designs, lavishly stands, out drawing one’s attention to its stylish appearance.  Its four corner bedposts, modelled after a ballerina completing the 5th primary position, holds a sheer baby pink draping across the backs of the dancers’ upwardly curved arms, allowing the see-through covering to drop flatteringly down along the edges of the mattress. The bedding’s plush, thick mattress enclosing her in the cupola of luxury and coziness, since her body chills easily, encases her in a cushion of warmth and comfort sheathing her thin form in layers of thick beautiful bed coverings. A linen duvet, several shades of pink and cream alternating colors match the posts of the bed perfectly drawing out the small blush grains within the lovely wood. Pink pillows with images of dancing ballerinas and cream-colored tassels decoratively laid across it celebrate her love of dance, eliciting a desire within her to dance to the classical melodies of Mozart, Chopin, Wagner, and others in the sanctuary of her surroundings.

Pink wood walls heighten the appeal of the room, and the soft pink pallor of the bed’s canopy draping blending in with them deepen the solace and harmony of the chambers releasing her consciousness of its hectic thoughts of school, beauty competitions, and social calendar. Across from her bed, against the room’s northern wall, a six drawer Victorian style dresser, similarly fashioned out of the pink wood, braces itself upon four curved legs while a large ornate mirror sitting upon it enhances its lavish elegance. Remaining true to her love of ballet, images of intricately embossed ballerina’s pirouetting around the mirror’s golden frame’s, beautifully soften the edges of the dresser and the spindly golden handles dangling from the front of its six drawers. Not a speck of dust anywhere upon the dresser, only a cherry wood music box, having a dancing glass ballerina upon its lid, sits on the top of the beautiful furnishing.

Living on the northwest coast an unfortunate downfall of the large room is an iciness occurring in the winter within the walls of the large mansion requiring radiant heating to be laid out under a cream marble flooring. Her room always remains a comfortable eighty degrees. The lovely flooring, an entire slab of marble, has micro thin lines of pink and gold threads running through it and continues from her sleeping chambers into a Livingroom. A lovely daybed and salon sofa, both pieces of the striking furnishings fashioned, as well, in Victorian style, they too possess ornate style decorative frames of pink wood and plush satin upholstery and pillows, the colors of cream and blush pink.

A golden ornamental frame holding a portrait of her hangs behind the sofa, wearing a golden green tutu, matching the color of her emerald eyes, her long red ponytail almost blends into the ruddy background of the image. The portrait taken when she won the Miss Steel Magnet pageant, the golden crown upon her head shines as she displays her class and beauty while posing in a delightful ballerina stance.

A large picture window allows the view of the garden’s large white willow trees and brilliantly colored flowers and plants from the daybed. Light from the sun increasing the room’s temperature, drapes matching the duvet, limit the amount of sunshine bathing the room during daytime due to its southern exposure.

Enjoy The Book!

Updated Image Of Author Zola Blue

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