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The action begins with ‘The Mark’
The Working Girls #1
by Heather Burnside
Cover Reveal

Wow! Not one, but three cover reveals this week, as Aria Fiction launches the great new trilogy, ‘The Working Girls’, by author Heather Burnside.

The action all begins today with The Mark and continues on Wednesday 27th February 2019…

Cover image of the novel 'The Mark' by author Heather Burnside

I downloaded my copy from the lovely folks at NetGalley today, however you can also pre-order this one from Amazon …

For those of you in the UK, you can pre-order from Amazon here

For those of you in the US, you can pre-order from Amazon here

THE MARK – (‘The Working Girls’ series – book #1)

Cover image of the novel 'The Mark' by author Heather BurnsideA TRIP TO THE DARK SIDE.
When respected journalist, Maddy, goes to interview prostitutes in a rundown Manchester pub, she doesn’t reckon on attracting the attention of their ruthless pimp, Gilly. He quickly decides to use Maddy for his own gains; he just needs to work out how.

In the weeks that follow, Maddy is oblivious to Gilly’s growing obsession with her, particularly when she begins a romance with successful businessman, Aaron. Their passionate love affair starts to dominate her life, and she finds herself losing control and alienating the people around her.

As Maddy’s safe and successful life starts to crumble around her, she must quickly work out who has it in for her, before it’s too late…


Image of author Heather BurnsideHeather grew up in Gorton, a working-class area of Manchester, moving to Longsight, where she spent her teenage years on one of the toughest estates in Manchester.

During the 1990s the estate became the headquarters for one of Manchester’s predominant gangs. It regularly featured in the local press due to shootings and drug-related problems. Heather draws heavily on this background as the setting for many of her novels.

After taking a career break to raise two children Heather enrolled on a creative writing course. During that time she had many articles published in well-known magazines and went on to run a writing services business before focusing on her novels.

Heather now works full-time on her novels from her home in Manchester which she shares with her two grown-up children.

Heather has a lovely website where you can keep up with all her news

You can follow Heather on Twitter

You can also check in with Heather on Facebook

“I am very excited to announce my new series of books called, The Working Girls. As the title suggests, it centres around the world of prostitution. The idea for the series started when I watched a police detective series many years ago. In one particular episode the female detective was interviewing prostitutes in a seedy pub where she seemed completely out of place in her smart suit and with her refined middle-class accent. I remember thinking how gutsy she was to do that and that she might be leaving herself open to all sorts of danger. This gave me the idea for the first book but I replaced the police detective with my journalist, Maddy.”


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I can’t remember a time, even as a child, when I haven’t been passionate about books and reading.
I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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  • Didn’t you have another book here recently that dealt with “working girls”? I’m not sure if this one really speaks to me… cover or plot. But, I’m always open to hearing more (and maybe changing my mind!) should you feature it more in the future.

    • Hi Kelly,

      I have been wracking my brains as to which of the other books I have featured recently that has a similar storyline, but I just can’t come up with one. I’ll keep working on it though, because I might just be having a senior moment!

      Heather has written three trilogies to date and I guess that if I am being totally honest and saw them the books on the shelves of the book shop, apart from the arresting and matching cover art which certainly makes a statement, I might think twice about picking them up.

      However, after reading Heather’s personal statement and the premise for each of the books, I can see that she is writing very much from the heart, about places and sets of circumstances which are very familiar to her.

      Manchester is like many other inner cities the world over and the issues Heather chooses to shed the spotlight on, of prostitution, drugs and gangland warfare, which are all very much a fact of everyday life on the streets, albeit that she has decided to make her stories very female centric, which places a unique perspective on the stories.

      The little quotes after the Heather’s main bio and social media links, form part of a larger article, which I have broken down into three paragraphs to run alongside each of the three cover reveals (with her permission of course!) and offer a small taster of her thinking about the series.

      Thanks for stopping by, even though this may not be a series you would enjoy, I always value your comments and thoughts 🙂

Written by Yvonne