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Fall Of Giants (Century Trilogy – Volume 1)

Due For Release Worldwide September 28th 2010

Author: Ken Follett

Another blockbuster from the king of suspense and intrigue.


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This is a huge novel that follows five families through the world-shaking dramas of the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the struggle for votes for women. It is 1911. The Coronation Day of King George V. The Williams, a Welsh coal-mining family, is linked by romance and enmity to the Fitzherberts, aristocratic coal-mine owners. Lady Maud Fitzherbert falls in love with Walter von Ulrich, a spy at the German Embassy in London. Their destiny is entangled with that of an ambitious young aide to U.S. President Woodrow Wilson and to two orphaned Russian brothers, whose plans to emigrate to America fall foul of war, conscription and revolution. In a plot of unfolding drama and intriguing complexity, “Fall of Giants” moves seamlessly from Washington to St Petersburg, from the dirt and danger of a coal mine to the glittering chandeliers of a palace, from the corridors of power to the bedrooms of the mighty.

Brief Author Bio.

Ken Follett, was born in Cardiff, state school educated and gained an Honours degree in philosophy, from University College, London.

He began his career as a reporter, then moved on to a small London publishing house. During this time he was writing, but having no success in being published. His first successful novel in 1978, ‘Eye Of The Needle’, was, in fact, his eleventh.

Most of his early novels were conventional straightforward spy thrillers, but that mould was broken wih the release of ‘Pillars Of The Earth’, which although still having suspense and intrigue, relied much more strongly on it’s powerful narrative and strong characters. He now writes equally successfully in both genres, regularly winning awards and accolades galore.

On a personal note, he is an enthusiastic amateur musician, playing bass guitar in a blues band, and bass balilaika in a folk group.

His wife, Barbara, an ex MP and Minister in Gordon Brown’s government, is still very much a political activist. The couple divide their time between their residences in Hertfordshire, London and Antigua.

Ken’s website is one of the most comprehensive that I have come across, with full facts about any and every aspect of his professional and private life. Personally, I did however, find it almost clinical in it’s delivery and I much prefer the personal touch that other authors seem to bring to their sites.

Ken Follett will be making an exclusive London appearance in October 2010

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