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‘Fleeting Note’ by Sherban Young

After some time elapsed between the first two stories in the ‘Enescu Fleet’ series of mystery capers, I was surprised and pleased to discover that the third adventure for our intrepid hero and his loyal aides, has been penned and published in double quick time, by their creator and author Sherban Young.

‘Fleeting Memory’ and ‘Fleeting Glance’ opened up a whole new window onto the world of the mystery caper for me, with Sherban being a great host and author to work with, an excellent ambassador and talented exponent of the genre.

I was pleased to have been invited to read and review the first two cases, which Enescu Fleet solved with his now legendary trademark aplomb and finesse and my thoughts can be found here:

‘Fleeting Memory’

‘Fleeting Glance’ – Review to follow shortly.

If you should happen to catch this post Sherban, I can only apologise for the lengthy delay in publishing my thoughts about ‘Fleeting Gance’. Pressures of work and everyday life have conspired against me and whilst I wish that blogging, promoting and reviewing for authors was my ‘day job’, unfortunately that cannot be so. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed both books and I shall no doubt be catching up with Enescu in his latest web of intrigue and murder very soon.


Baltimore’s Pendleton Institute of Music wants to host a dinner to pay tribute to George Enescu, Romania’s most famous composer. Naturally, they call on the man’s most distinguished descendent: Enescu Fleet, the world-renowned (semiretired) private detective. The only problem is, Enescu Fleet isn’t related to George Enescu. He isn’t even Romanian. From this mild deception comes a cacophony of lies, intrigue and murder. And that’s barely before the salad course has arrived. It will take a steady hand to conduct the Pendleton through the chaos. Can Fleet serve up another winning performance?



 Sherban Young, splits his time between Maryland and Maine, and has often been called the next P. G. Wodehouse, or at the very least the current Sherban Young.  He has an encyclopedic knowledge of poker, baseball, literature, classical music and film (although, it should be noted that this encyclopedia is a single volume, pop-up book edition).  He enjoys single malt, his MINI Cooper S, Macs and, at times, listing things he enjoys.

Sherban claims to be pretty old school, when it comes to mystery writing, with inspiration from the pens of P.G. Wodehouse, Agatha Christie and Rex Stout, urging him on to become an author.

The 37-year-old Ellicott City resident became interested in solving puzzles and mysteries through CD-ROM interactive adventure games, whilst studying at Loyola University, (where he majored in English literature), with his friend developing the graphics and programming  and Sherban writing the stories and puzzles.

Whilst currently his own boss,  in partnership with his father in a Columbia financial planning firm, Sherban has disciplined himself to devote time each morning to writing his mystery capers, although he does confess that not many first ‘writes’ make it into the finished book.

I spend a lot of time rewriting, it’s essential. I think this is not only true at the end of a project but also at the beginning. If you go into a project fully aware that you’re going to rewrite it, you can approach it with a much more relaxed attitude. Then the ideas flow.

As an aside and following on from a previously published post about the many and varied styles of cover art adopted by authors, I would like to draw your attention to the fantastic art which adorns the covers of the ‘Fleeting …’ series, courtesy of one Katerina Vamvasaki. There isn’t a lot of information out there on the web about Katerina, however I came across this excellent interview, over at author Barbara Meyer’s blog, which gave me an insight into this very talented person.



There is a brilliant page, over at Sherban Young’s website, where you can see the cover illustrations for all his books, including the ‘Fleeting ..’ series, in the one place … It makes for a very eye-catching display and is well worth the visit.

I can visualise a series of ‘Enescu Fleet’ adventures, as a cartoon strip, or comic book, with illustrations of this quality and storylines which are so unique.

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